Highlights Lee Ki-kwang, ‘KCON:TACT3’ as a Meet and Grit MC

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Highlight member Ki-kwang Lee will be the MC of ‘KCON:TACT 3’ Meet&Greet.

On the 10th, the highlight agency, Around Us Entertainment, said, “Ki-kwang Lee, the world’s largest online global K-culture festival held from the 20th to the 28th, ‘KCON:TACT 3’ Meet&Greet MC I am planning to participate and show my activities.”

‘KCON:TACT 3’ is a concept of going on a world tour with K-POP artists by implementing ‘K-Con’ venues in the United States, Japan, Thailand, and France with AR technology, and will show the present and future of K-POP. ‘KCON:TACT 3’, a representative Hallyu convention event that has been held 24 times since 2012, and gathered 1.1 million cumulative offline audiences, expanded online from last year and held twice as ‘KCON:TACT’ on the digital platform, K-POP Artist 60 The team and 8.45 million K-culture fans around the world opened a new chapter together.

Meet&Greet, chosen by Ki-kwang Lee as MC, is a corner where K-POP artists and fans can communicate. It is expected that artists and fans will participate in digital contents together and provide more diverse types of experiences.

Lee Ki-gwang, who has been active in various entertainment programs including MC of idol specialty entertainment ‘Idol Wonderland’, plans to play a full role in connecting K-POP artists and fans based on stable progress ability and sensible conversation. Lee Ki-kwang is also expected to have a unique empathy ability in that he is a highlight member who is the representative K-POP player.

After the campaign last year, Lee Ki-kwang has been active in various entertainment programs such as ‘Night where OPAL shines’, ‘Idol Wonderland’, ‘If you don’t fight,’ and ‘My Fanta House’. This year, we plan to carry out more diverse activities such as ‘KCON:TACT 3’ Meet&Greet and a complete comeback of Highlights.


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