Kim Kyung-nam appeared on ‘Good Day to Love’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kim Kyung-nam appears in KBS Cool FM ‘This is Lee Geum-hee on a Good Day to Love'(hereinafter ‘Good Day to Love’).

According to Kim Kyung-nam’s agency JR ENT, Kim Kyung-nam appeared on the live broadcast at 7 pm on the 10th, and meets with listeners through the radio shown on the show ‘Good Day to Love’.

Kim Kyung-nam dreams of becoming a rock singer in KBS2’s new weekend drama ‘Okay Sisters’ (played by Moon Young-nam, directing Lee Jin-seo) ahead of the first broadcast on the 13th, and splits into ‘Han Ye-seul’, a male protagonist who combines masculinity and humanity.

Kim Kyung-nam will appear with Choi Choi, who plays the role of ‘Bae Byeon-ho’ in the play, and will share the story of ‘Okay Sisters’ and the recent situation with pleasure.

This broadcast is conducted with visible radio, captivating both the eyes and ears of listeners, giving them a pleasant and exciting time.

The colorful story to be with Kim Kyung-nam can be found in ‘This is Lee Geum-hee on a Good Day to Love’, which will be broadcast on the 10th.

Photo courtesy of JR ENT

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