‘Love on the Air’ Kim Kook-hwan, reunion success with the boarding house aunt?

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Can singer Kim Kook-hwan reunite with the aunt of the boarding house who has endured the long agony of obscurity?

The 53-year-old singer Kim Kook-hwan, who appeared as a client on KBS2’s ‘Love on the Air’, aired on the 10th, recalled the warm memories of the boarding house aunt.

On this day’s broadcast, Kim Kook-hwan, with the guidance of MCs Kim Won-hee and Hyun Joo-yeop, visited a hanok house that felt similar to the boarding house in Sindang-dong, where he lived in the days of namelessness.

Kim Kook-hwan entered the door and couldn’t hide his excitement as if he had returned to that time in a time machine. Kim Kook-hwan said that the boarding house at the time was as good as a five-star hotel, and among them, the boarding house aunt’s meal was the best.

On the other hand, the boarding house aunt said that Kim Kook-hwan, who had been living a difficult life after coming out of the Kim Hee-gap band, did not urge her to rush her boarding fee, but rather, she said, “Don’t starve for food.”

In the cold winter, when I came back late at night, Kim Kook-hwan, who felt the affection of his real mother from the boarding house aunt who handed him the warm rice he had put in the lower neck of the bedroom, said, “I was so friendly with my mother and I acted like my host’s son. I was soaked in the memories of

Kim Kook-hwan, who was excited throughout the recording, saying, “I feel like I can meet you” and “If we meet, I will have a lot of things to talk about,” said Kim Kook-Hwan, who was confused when unexpected things happened one after another in the process of finding a housewife.

In this regard, Kim Kook-hwan, who was smiling brightly with a gift full of both hands, was caught standing blankly with a stiffened expression. Is being concentrated.

The story of Kim Kook-Hwan’s search for a boarding house aunt who was the same as his real mother will be revealed through ‘Love on the Air’ at 8:30 pm on the 10th.


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