Seo Soo-yeon “Sales? 40 million won in three days at the time of the rental…

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘The taste of wife’, Seo Soo-yeon is a hot topic, as she mentioned the sales of the restaurant she runs.

In ‘The Wife’s Taste’ aired on the 9th, the appearance of a couple of Hong Hyun-hee and Jay Bitter went to search for information to start a cafe.

Hong Hyun-hee and Jason talked about their concerns about the establishment of a cafe. Jason, “(Hong) Hyun-hee has grown so fine that he doesn’t know how much the world is,” said Hong Hyun-hee, “because we did this for the first time, we went to get consulting professionally.”

The two CEOs of the cafe, who said the highest annual sales were 10 billion won, shared their experiences that they settled down after several failures, and gave a review of the couple’s signature menu Dango and Soufflé. The cafe owner revised the sweets and souffles presented by J. Written, and he struggled with Hong Hyun-hee and Jason.

Lee Pil-mo’s wife Seo Soo-yeon, who was watching the video in the studio, told a story of the restaurant she was running and said, “There is a story that we are not good at, but at first I was very upset.”

When asked about the store’s sales, she replied, “I earn 40 million won every three days at a brand event or rental,” and surprised everyone. Still, he honestly said, “When things don’t go well, sales plummet.”

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