‘South Korean Foreigner’ Yang Jae-woong “Park Myung-soo shows off masculinity, sexual function seems to be separated”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Yang Jae-woong, a psychiatrist, stabbed the ball while analyzing the psychological state of comedian Park Myung-soo.

MBC Every1’s ‘South Korean Foreigners’, which airs on the 10th, will be decorated with the 2nd special feature of ‘Sa’ characters in various fields. Korea’s No. 1 profiler Kwon Il-yong, psychiatrist Yang Jae-woong, lawyer Seo Dong-ju, and daily vice-team trot singer Kang So-ri will play a quiz showdown.

Yang Jae-woong is a psychiatrist who is a psychiatrist who is also a doctor and broadcaster. He is well known as the ‘Korea’s No. 1 psychiatrist brother’ along with his older brother Yang Jae-jin, a psychiatrist. I was asked.

Yang Jae-woong said of Park Myung-soo’s self-portrait, “The outline is weak and broken. This implies that the energy level is low.”

While Park Myung-soo expressed a fierce sympathy, saying, “It’s the right story,” Yang Jae-woong said, “Small eyes mean introversion, and a big nose is a sexual issue. It could be that you want to show off your masculinity or imply that your sexual function is off.”

Then Park Myung-soo spurred her seat and stood up, denying the facts and made everyone laugh. In addition, the psychological analysis of Seo Dong-ju and Eva, the strongest member of the Korean foreign team, can be confirmed through the broadcast. The broadcast is at 8:30 pm on the 10th.


Photo courtesy | MBC Every1

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