B1A4 Shinwoo casts musical ‘Gwangju’… First work after military discharge

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy group B1A4 Shinwoo was cast as a male protagonist in the musical ‘Gwangju’.

On the 11th, the management company WM Entertainment said, “B1A4 Shinwoo has been selected as the male protagonist in the musical ‘Gwangju’.”

Park Han-soo, who is in charge of Shinwoo, is the leading character of the drama and a convenience member of the Special Forces Forces from Gwangju who just took office as a sergeant. It is a person. Shinwoo is planning to play the role of Park Han-soo perfectly, maximizing the sense of immersion with realistic detailed acting.

After being discharged from the army, Shinwoo announced a successful return by releasing B1A4’s fourth full album ‘Origine’ in October of last year as B1A4. The musical ‘Gwangju’ is the first work Shinwoo unveiled after he was discharged, and the public’s attention is more concentrated.

Shinwoo has consistently appeared in musicals ‘Chess’, ‘Three Musketeers’, and ‘Hamlet’. He completed his own character with a warm visual and soft charm, and received attention for his strong presence. In addition, she was cast in the SBS drama’Misuma: Goddess of Revenge’ and gained hot popularity with her stable acting skills while challenging her first positive acting.

The masterpiece musical ‘Gwangju’, commemorating the 41st anniversary of the May 18 Democratization Movement, will be re-performance at the LG Art Center on April 13th, providing fun and excitement. At its premiere in 2020, the musical ‘Gwangju’ received favorable reviews from audiences and critics, saying, “It is a must-see musical for the people of Korea.” Thanks to this review, he was nominated for five categories at the 5th Korea Musical Awards, Grand Prize, Ensemble Award, Choreography Award, Screenplay Award, and Music Award (composition), and won the Producer Award in the creative category.

In this performance as well, the magnificent and moving melody and delicate and dynamic choreography provided by the 13-member orchestra will make the stage richer and more dense. In addition, in the second season, it is known that each character’s narrative as well as the story and number will be greatly reinforced in order to improve the completion of the work.

Meanwhile, the musical ‘Gwangju’ featuring Shinwoo will open on April 13th at the LG Art Center.


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