‘Friends’ Kim Hyun-woo and Oh Young-ju mentioned “I was too young back then”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Friends’ Kim Hyun-woo was embarrassed to mention Oh Young-ju.

In the channel A entertainment program ‘Friends’, which aired on the 10th, Kim Hyun-woo, Lee Ga-heun, and Jung Jae-ho met.

On this day, Ga-heun Lee mentioned Oh Young-ju, saying, “I recently met a friend once.” Kim Hyun-woo and Oh Young-ju formed a subtle airflow by taking a thumb in Channel A ‘Heart Signal 2’which ended in 2018.

When Jung Jae-ho asked, “Why do you notice,” Lee Ga-heun laughed, saying, “I notice a little.” She said, “I watched several (video) clips on the way to see Young-ju, and I saw some interesting things. So, I followed her while teasing her.”

Then Kim Hyun-woo was embarrassed and replied, “I was too young back then.” He said, “(Young-ju) is not the same. Do-gyun is the same, and Young-ju is the same.”

Lee Ga-heun expressed his feelings on appearing in ‘Heart Signal’, saying, “After watching for a month, the emptiness suddenly ended.” Kim Hyun-woo also sympathized, saying, “I did. I missed you.”

On the other hand, ‘Friends’ is a youth observation program that contains the daily life, friendship, and love stories of young men and women by reuniting the production crew of ‘Heart Signal’ and seasonal performers. It airs every Wednesday at 10:30 pm.


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