Jang Kwang x Lee Won-jong x Lee Seol-gu ‘Asurado’

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actors who trust and watch Jang Kwang Lee Won-jong and Lee Seol-gu gathered. It is through the Cheongbul action movie ‘Asurado’.

Director Yoon Yeo-chang said at a press conference and press conference for the movie “Asurado” (director Yoon Yeo-chang) at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 11th, “It is not a movie that shows a long combination of action regardless of drama.”

“We needed action as a step to continue the emotions of the drama, not as a movie that displays action,” he said. “We excluded flamboyant action that made no sense.”

“Lee Seol-gu replaced martial-art director. We didn’t need to recruit an action director. I hope Lee Seol-gu, who remained unknown for long time, to be loved by viewers this time,” he added.

Lee Seol-gu, who appears as a national ball fist in the play, said, “I liked the macho character,” adding, “I was fascinated by it because I felt wisely giving peace to the prison during the process of being framed and framed.”

After introducing the film, “It is a work with a strong macho noir tendency like dark and deep sea,” he said, “I was able to immerse myself in acting.”

“There were five or six times of shooting a movie with a golf club,” said Jang Kwang, who played an absolute villain. “Most people who get hit are nervous and prepare,” he said. “Lee Won-jong’s face turned white when he took out his golf club, but most of the time, Lee Won-jong, who didn’t do that,” he said.

“My face is white, so I told him to come, and he said he’d just do it like a man. “In fact, I haven’t been able to swing it since then,” he recalled.

As for working with his son Jang-young in a movie, he said, “My son was not a big part. “When I watched the movie, I got hit a few times and fell down,” he said.

“I’m sure it’s the same as any parent, but I’m more nervous than watching mine with my children. I’m worried that it might cause trouble. I hope I can grow up to be a good actor.”

“I told him to learn,” he said. “I hope he will grow into a good actor by grinding and polishing it.”

Director Yoon Yeo-chang said, “If Jang-young has a scene that overlaps with Jang-kwang’s father, she will not appear.” “I have a great son,” he said.

Lee Seol-gu also said about Jang Young, “I was worried that she would be too soft and handsome to participate in our work. I was worried a lot while matching the sum of the actions, and I had difficulties myself because I had a senior (Jang Kwang).”

However, he soon said, “When I saw him fall down after being hit by various things on the scene, I thought he was an actor who was attached to me for no reason, but he came out early on the set and became attached to Jang-young.”

He added, “It was a shame that there was no bumping god, and it was shining like a shivering flower.”

“Asurado” is a crime action film about a war fought by evil people with different desires in a notorious third prison where laws and principles do not work. It will be released on the 18th.

Photo by Yoo-Seok Yoo/ kiki2022@mk.co.kr

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