‘Mother’s Touch: Korean Side Dishes’ Vice Unification Minister Seo Ho made a surprise visit…Kim Su-mi cooked North Korean side dishes.

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Mother’s Touch: Korean Side Dishes’ will showcase fresh dishes with the special episode of North Korean side dishes.”

tvN’s ‘Mother’s Touch: Korean Side Dishes’ is a cooking entertainment program specializing in “side dishes” that began with the intention of moving side dishes back to our dining table, which had been briefly supported by the influx of foreign food culture. Since December, ‘Mother’s Touch: Korean Side Dishes’, a combination of Lee Yeon-bok, Hong Seok-cheon and Lee Teuk, led by Kim Su-mi and Jang Dong-min, has been responsible for dinner side dishes by listeners with various simple recipes.

“The North Side Dishes Special,” which will air at 7 p.m. on the 11th, will unveil a new meal table that combines the South and the North, including dried pollack soup, radio, cucumber-sook pickled vegetables, and sundae. In particular, it is said to release a large number of recipes that have not been seen, heard, or eaten, drawing attention.

First of all, the spicy spicy soup of pollack soup, which catches both the spicy taste of spicy fish stew and the coolness of dried pollack hangover soup, will give you a spicy feeling that will make you feel better. It then introduces an easy and simple radio of the ultra-simple recipe. It is rumored that the students’ songs that flow out of themselves, who tasted the crisp and charming taste of the radio, filled the studio with the sweet smell.

Kim Soo-mi and her students will then challenge Oisook Janga-chi, the “rice thief of North Korea,” and the sundae of the last-dried squid, as a special recipe that they received directly from Heo Jin, a North Korean cooking expert.
In particular, Vice Unification Minister Seo Ho is said to have visited the studio in person and evaluated the taste, drawing attention. Even Vice Minister Suh Ho, who visited North Korea more than 100 times, is intrigued by the rumor that he repeatedly admired the taste of North Korea, saying, “I think I came to Pyongyang directly.”

Also, the trio’s lethal move is expected to be aired today. It is expected that each student’s special recipes will be released, including Hambosha using canned ham introduced by “Menbosha Master” Lee Yeon-bok, chicken cheese pancake, which was Lee Teuk’s secret weapon, and Hong Seok-cheon’s Thai egg fried rice.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Mother’s Touch: Korean Side Dishes” will end the season of “Sumi’s Side Dishes: Mom’s Back” on the same day. It will be aired simultaneously on tvN and Olive at 7 p.m. today.



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