“School Violence and Sexual Harassment”…Cho Han-sun ‘groundless rumor’

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[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Cho Han-sun, 41, denied allegations of school violence, saying it was “real-life.”

Suspicions of Cho Han-sun’s school violence were also sparked by the revelation of online bulletin boards. On the 7th, an article titled “Exvealing Talent Cho Han-sun’s School Violence” was posted on the online community bulletin board.

The author A posted a picture of his yearbook in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, saying, “He was a victim of school violence who was in the same class in middle school,” and added, “Cho Han-sun was notorious when he was in middle school in the mid-1990s. Most schoolmates used to be afraid of him.”

“I was more severely damaged by violence even in class,” A said. “I was also subjected to errands, bread shuttle, and sexual harassment in the canteen due to frequent violence and abusive language.” “Once, I sat right next to Cho Han-sun in the music room, and I refused to touch his genitals and was assaulted,” he wrote.

“When boys used to play Bruce Lee in the movie ‘The Cruelty of the Horse’s Porridge Street’ to play with the powerless children for fun, Cho Han-sun was involved in it,” he said. “As the grade changed, Cho Han-sun became a different class and got better from the devil’s threat, but the Tramuma remained for a long time.

Regarding the belated revelation, A said, “I didn’t care because Cho Jo-sun seemed to be less active and turned into an unknown celebrity, but recently, when I showed my face in the drama, I was disgusted by watching TV.” “It’s been four and a half centuries, but when I think about it again, I feel like my whole body’s blood is rising upside down. “Is it the right thing to do that human beings who used abusive language, violence, and sexual harassment to nearby students continue to live a virtuous life with the love of the public?” he asked back.

In response, Cho Han-sun’s agency Mystic Story told Maeil Business Star Today on the 10th that “As a result of checking with Cho Han-sun, claims of school violence are groundless.”

In addition, Cho Han-sun’s alumni posted comments defending Cho Han-sun in the first school violence disclosure. Mr. B, who claims to be Cho Han-sun’s classmate, said in A’s article, “(Jo Han-sun) friend, actor, and friend since childhood, but he’s not trying to defend it, but he’s not a good person.” “It’s so boring.” “I say this because it’s anonymous, but if I say I did something wrong, I will at least fight back.”

Another classmate of Cho Han-sun, C, also defended, saying, “Cho Han-sun and Cho Han-sun are graduates of the same elementary school and the same middle school, and added, “Cho Han-sun, who I know, was not famous for being good at soccer and handsome.”

Cho Han-sun debuted in 2002 with the sitcom “Nonstop 3” and rose to stardom with the movie “Romance of Their Own” (2004). He is still active in the drama “Hot Stove League” (2019). In July last year, she starred in the MBC drama “She Knows Everything.”


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