Hwang Shin-young, three twins prenatal “First, second, third Pusher Hanseop”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Hwang Shin-young revealed the three twins prenatal.

Hwang Shin-young released a video on Instagram on the 12th with a post saying “Today’s song for my babies is ‘Under the sea’.”

In the video, Hwang Shin-young said that it was “put your hands up first”, and after checking attendance in order from the second to the third, she sang a song in a comical way and made a laugh.

Hwang Shin-young, married in 2017, recently succeeded in conceiving through artificial insemination. On the 11th, through social media, she said, “What do I do. I have three children in my stomach. I am really so thrilled, so amazing, and very good, but on the one hand, I am worried and just trembling.”


Photo| Hwang Shin-young SNS
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