“I haven’t ever bullied my schoolmate simply because of appearance” Hong Hyun-hee sues an online troll for alleged abuse… “No preoccupation”

Comedian Hong Hyun-hee. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Hong Hyun-hee (39) is very angry. She quickly sued the discloser who raised suspicions of school violence and began to actively extinguish suspicions.

Hong Hyun-hee filed a complaint with Gwangjin Police Station in Seoul at 6 p.m. on the 11th, collecting data on false information about the alleged school violence raised through the online community. Attention was focused on the quick action of just half a day after the suspicion of school violence began to spread.

In this regard, the agency stressed that it will take strong legal action against all acts of publishing and disseminating false information to protect its artists, and will not take any leniency in matters that undermine its reputation.

Suspicions of school violence surrounding Hong Hyun-hee were raised in the online community on the same day. The writer claimed that Hong Hyun-hee and Yeongdong Girls’ High School went together, claiming that Hong Hyun-hee had bullied her and J in the past.

The writer said, “I can’t forget the face and time when I threw eraser powder behind my seat, threw rice, side dishes, and fingers at school,” adding, “At the end of the semester, I sat down with J. I made fun of her and made friends in the morning.”

“The time in the classroom was like hell, I went to school crying day by day, and I had a hard time with depression in the next few years as well as my grades,” the writer said. “I don’t remember everything I said compared to today’s issues, but I want to know that I’m suffering from bullying.”

Hong Hyun-hee’s side jumped. The agency Bliss Entertainment later officially denied the alleged school violence, saying, “Hong Hyun-hee’s recent revelation of school violence, which has been spreading through the online community, is not true, and the author of the article has been writing it repeatedly for years.”

Hong Hyun-hee also said through her agency, “When I was in school, my appearance was no different from what I am now, what kind of bullying would I have made by disparaging my friend’s appearance?” “It doesn’t make sense,” he said. “It’s absolutely not true. “As much as we are confident, let’s just show up and face each other.”

Hong Hyun-hee, who made her debut as SBS’ 9th public recruitment comedian in 2007, married interior designer Jason in 2018. She is currently starring in MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere” and TV Chosun’s “The Taste of Wife.”


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