Jo Soo-ae, shared a photo of her husband Park Seo-won who showed his affection to his son

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Former announcer Jo Soo-ae is drawing keen attention as she delivers her husband and son’s peaceful status.

Jo Soo-ae revealed on her Instagram on the 12th that her husband, Park Seo-won, CEO of Doosan Magazine, is taking care of her son. The older son’s face was treated with a heart emoticon.

Jo Soo-ae and Park Seo-won couple made a wedding ceremony in December 2018, but they were embroiled in rumors of discord last year. In August, Jo Soo-ae deleted all the wedding photos, daily life, and children’s photos taken with her husband Park Seo-won, CEO of Doosan Magazine, drawing keen attention to the background.

CEO Park Seo-won also deleted the picture she had with Jo Soo-ae and canceled her Instagram followings, putting weight on rumors of discord.

Furthermore, it seemed clear that there was an unusual atmosphere between the two as they did not express any position in the article related to the discord. However, Jo resumed SNS last winter and posted photos of her son last month. However, her husband did not show up anywhere, raising questions.

However, Jo Soo-ae posted her first friendly photo of a rich man after rumors of discord, indirectly explaining that the conflict between the two had been sealed.

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