Kakao TV original, exceeded 400 million views in cumulative views… after 6 months of launch

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Kakao TV’s original contents, which debuted in September last year, are showing a steep rise in popularity, and are establishing itself as a new genre leader called “well-made mid-form content.”

Kakao Entertainment M Company said the cumulative number of views of the original content introduced on Kakao TV exceeded 400 million views on March 10. Since September, a total of 26 original contents, including dramas, entertainment and music shows launched by Kakao TV, have been accumulated on Kakao TV, and it has been about six months since its launch.

Kakao TV’s original content, launched on September 1, recorded 100 million views at the end of November, about three months after its launch, surpassing 200 million views at the end of January this year, eight weeks after its launch, and set a new record of more than 400 million views.

The popularity of Kakao TV contents is accelerating further, with the number of views on average more than quadrupling from about 8.3 million to about 33 million views in three weeks, which took three months to reach 100 million views at the beginning of launch.

In particular, Kakao TV’s original contents released through platforms such as Netflix and Wave, as well as accumulated views of Kakao TV, are continuing their popularity by ranking at the top of the platform.

Analysts say that Kakao TV’s original content is a new genre as a “well-made mid-form content” within six months of its launch, giving viewers a differentiated content experience and becoming a new content leader. In fact, Kakao TV’s original content is receiving favorable reviews for capturing viewers with ▲ original format and planning ▲ fresh materials and composition ▲ high-quality making ▲ speedy breathing and immersion.

Kakao Entertainment M Company said, “We will invest about 300 billion won for three years by 2023 to showcase a total of 240 original contents, and we plan to unveil a total of 55 titles this year alone.”

The goal is to further expand into genres and areas of content that have never been seen before through bold experiments and creative attempts based on brilliant ideas and planning, creating Kakao TV’s unique content experience. In particular, with the launch of Kakao Entertainment, the company plans to lead the well-made mid-form content genre by accelerating the planning of global-oriented content using super IP such as webtoons and web novels.

Kakao TV’s original drama is receiving favorable reviews for its high-quality well-made content, differentiated from existing digital dramas centered on teenagers, attracting a variety of viewers to mobile content.

Moreover, it is said to provide a different fun from existing TV contents by quickly breathing and developing suitable for mobile, and by taking completeness from 30 minutes of mid-form. It deals with various topics such as “Daughter-in-law”, which depicts the pro-longed mistreatments against the daughter-in-law in Korea, and “Lovestruck in the City” with real romance between men and women in their 20s and 40s, as well as expanding the audience to various age groups.

Recently, the empathy romance “Still Not Thirty,” which depicts the work and love of a 30-year-old woman, has become a hot topic, surpassing 13 million views in two weeks. Although they have become moderately subtle and moderately intelligent, they are gaining sympathy from men and women in 2030 by portraying in a realistic way the “30s these days” who are still shaken and wandering. On top of that, it is also preparing a strong lineup of dramas, including “Crazy X in this Zone,” directed by Lee Tae-gon of “Inspection Civil War” and starring Jung-woo and Oh Yeon-seo in the first half of this year.

On top of that, existing entertainment contents, which have become a hot topic with lively ideas and unique formats, are also adding fun and establishing themselves as stable contents with an average of more than 2 million views each time.

Kakao TV’s original entertainment show, “Individual traders, who wants to hit the jackpot”, is said to have caught both fun and hot topics, such as entertainers learning to invest in stocks with economic mentors, creating buzzwords such as “Dindin’.” In addition, “Real Kyung-kyu,” which contains the digital challenge of Lee Kyung-kyu, the 40-year-old godfather of entertainment, and “Shall we talk,” a Kakaotalk talk show where Kim Eana, a talk show where she sits face to face with a celebrity and talks only on Kakao Talk.’ also has a strong fan base.

Recently, new entertainment contents with ingenious concepts and plans have joined, expanding their influence. “Next Door to a Delicious Restaurant” is also gaining popularity with laughter, with three members of the investigation team next door, including Kim Gu-ra, Lee Jin-ho, and Lee Jang-jun, meeting and unfolding various bosses next door.

Since its first release in February, it has continued its popularity to surpass 14 million views in a month. Hong Jin-kyung, a new concept educational entertainment show where “studying” male and female celebrity students learn middle school curriculum together, recorded 10 million views in three weeks, and Kim Gye-ran of Korea’s leading YouTube physical gallery recently joined together in Cheorwon, and Kakao TV.

In addition to dramas and entertainment shows, Kakao TV is adding new fun with its unique contents, including the untouchable fan project “Suzy A Tempo,” which Suzy, a singer and actress, has prepared a place to repay her fans’ love for 10 years in January. “Suji: Atempo” recorded 1 million views of live real-time viewing, and even after it was released on VOD, it has received more than 1.8 million views so far, receiving great response from fans.


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