Kim Seong-ju’s son, Kim Min-guk, says, “Don’t let the past hold on to the victims of a school violence abuse”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Kim Seong-ju’s son, Kim Min-guk, gave comfort and advice to victims of school violence.

On the 11th, Kim Min-guk had a Q&A time with netizens through his SNS.

He said, “I’m very distressed these days because I remember being bullied by harassment (school violence). I have to move forward, but I can’t. When asked by a netizen who asked, “Is I abnormal?” “The chain that holds my ankles binds me and is difficult to break. But if you don’t quit, only me is sick and only me is difficult. Don’t let the past hold me back. Please go ahead,” he replied.

“I’m in high school now, and the kids swear with my dream face, so I was so sad to ignore it. To other netizens who confessed that their pride is also hurting a lot, “I make only one commitment. Let’s see who will be funny later.” He gave a clear advice and drew attention.

Kim Min-guk said, “The moment I want to release everything has come. I really want to receive advice from someone, so I leave it behind.” Let the tigers rush underneath, but don’t let go. It will surely be the sun and the moon.”

Kim Min-guk said, “If it’s for you, I can be broken. People who can damage themselves are people who are easy to harden again, so don’t worry about me.” Kim Min-guk is the 2013 MBC entertainment show ‘Dad! ‘Where are you going?’ and received a lot of love and turned 18 this year.

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