OTT TVING, Yang Ji-eul and Lee Myung-han became the co-representatives

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

TVING announced on the 12th that it will switch from a single representative system to a joint representative system and appoint Lee Myung-han, head of CJ ENM’s IP Operation Headquarters along with the existing representative, Ji-eul Yang, as the joint representative of TVING.

Lee Myung-han, the new CEO of TVING, joined CJ ENM in 2011 and led the CJ ENM broadcasting business by serving as the head of the tvN headquarters and the head of the media content division. In particular, a person who played an important role in raising the competitiveness of channels such as tvN based on his rich experience and expertise in content creation.

In the future, CEO Yang Ji-eul (management representative) will be responsible for business expansion and overseas expansion, and Lee Myung-han (contents representative) will share roles and lead the original content investment and production.

An official from TVING said, “To compete with the huge overseas OTT platform, business expansion and original content investment must be made promptly at the same time.”

TVING was split from CJ ENM in October of last year and launched as an independent corporation, and is rapidly securing original contents and expanding business. In January of this year, JTBC Studio joined through equity investments to foreshadow the synergy of content production between the two companies, and Naver also announced a TVING investment plan by exchanging shares with CJ ENM in October of last year. TVING has expressed its ambition to secure original content through investment of more than 400 billion won in production cost over the next three years, and it is scheduled to release about 20 well-made original content in this year alone.


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