‘The Miscellaneous Crime Dictionary’ appeared in Park Ji-sun X Jung Jae-min X Kim Sang-wook X Jang Hang-jun X Yoon Jong-shin… First room on April 4th

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN’s “The Miscellaneous Crime Dictionary” will premiere at 10:50 p.m. on April 4 (Sunday).

“The Miscellaneous Crime Dictionary” (directed by Yang Jung-woo) is tvN’s new entertainment program that unravels the stories of accidents in the world, drawing knowledge-release feasts of miscellaneous doctors across various fields, and is expected to be an intensified episode of “The Useful Dictionary” series. In particular, we will face “crime” that is far from our daily lives with a new and diverse perspective, and will convey stories that we have not known before and abundant information, raising curiosity.

In the newly released teaser, five cast members who will lead the “The Miscellaneous Crime Dictionary” are released, drawing attention. First of all, Park Ji-sun, a criminal psychology expert who leads the profiling world in Korea, and Jeong Jae-min, a former judge and current legal review doctor, will be confirmed to appear, raising expectations. Like the nation’s top experts in each field, they will release interesting expertise, sometimes in familiar and sometimes in depth, telling close but distant crime stories.

Singer Yoon Jong-shin, who has witty talk and smooth hosting skills, then joins as an MC, drawing attention. In addition, film director Jang Hang-joon, who is unique in directing genres from the forensic drama “Sign” to the mystery thriller “Night of Memory,” has launched as “Dr. Movie” and physicist Kim Sang-wook, who loves quantum mechanics, as “Doctor of Science,” completing a solid lineup of “The Miscellaneous Crime Dictionary”. Expectations are already high as various and interesting stories are expected to fill the program with meetings of experts from various fields.

Producer Yang Jung-woo, who directed the film, said, “I think the beginning and end of the crime are people and life after all,” and added, “The final goal is to approach crime in humanities through ‘The Miscellaneous Crime Dictionary’ and take a step closer to realizing justice.”

tvN’s “RUBBER JOB” will premiere on Sunday, April 4 at 10:50 p.m.



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