The sister of the victim of school violence, perpetrated by Su-jin of (G)I-dle, face-to-face later… “I don’t remember consistently”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

(G)I-dle Su-jin met with A, who revealed the series of school violence of Su-jin, and the victim’s family gave a later story.

On the 11th, A’s sister B, who had been victimized by Su-jin, said, “If Su-jin asks you to apologize for not remembering, it is difficult for me too. “I can’t remember.”

“I’m still a public figure from Su-jin’s point of view, so I thought I could just get a lot of curse and just get an apology, so I tried to give you a drink, but when I talked, that thought disappeared.”

On the 19th of last month, B claimed through an online community that her younger brother was Su-jin’s victim of school violence. She said, “My younger brother has a hard time with only singing songs from anywhere, day by day. It’s okay to sue because it’s not a false fact,” he said, exposing Su-jin’s school bombing.

In response, Su-jin posted a long article on the 22nd of last month, saying that the suspicion of school abuse was unfair. Su-jin explained, “I have never assaulted her friend,” and said, “I have never sent a group text message leading the bullying, and I have never stolen school uniforms or stolen goods.” The agency also revealed its official position, saying, “The revelation was not a scholarship, but a quarrel.”

Nevertheless, Su-jin’s suspicion of abusing continued to raise issues, and the agency said in an additional position on the 4th, “The facts about the violence alleged by the post authors have not been confirmed.” )The children will continue their activities in a five-person system for the time being. We will do our best to clarify the facts of this matter.”

Sujin. Photo l Star Today DB

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