‘Yoon Stay’ Chef Jung Yu-mi expresses a sense of crisis, “I feel the pressure so great.”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Yoon Stay’ has a record-breaking difficulty in sales.

The 9th episode of ‘Yoon Stay’ (directors Na Young-seok and Kim Se-hee), broadcast at 9 pm on the 12th, contains stories of employees preparing for the second winter business with a new heart. In particular, it stimulates the curiosity that the sales of ‘Yoon Stay’ history of the history of difficulty are unfolding.

On this day’s broadcast, the intern Choi Woo-sik’s pick-up service and a full-fledged new guest are welcomed. However, a large number of customers who are allergic to ingredients in the ‘Yoon Stay’ menu, such as nuts, apples, and seafood, from mushroom allergies appear. Changes rapidly. Chef Jung Yu-mi also expressed a sense of crisis, saying, “I feel the pressure of allergy is enormous.” Interest is gathered in the efforts of the Hall team and the kitchen team who are struggling to satisfy all the food, taste, and tastes of various guests.

Special menus prepared by ‘Yoon Stay’ for vegetarian customers are also released. The rich vegetarian menus with basic taste and delicacy predicted the all-out movement. Starting with the revived autumn sales representative menu, Gungjung Tteokbokki, a new menu filled with healthy ingredients and a delicious service menu with a colorful visual, texture and sound, and fried vegetables are expected to capture attention. Among the various main menus of ‘Yoon Stay’, customers are curious about which menu they choose and what comments they leave behind.

On the other hand, in the peaceful camellia, several guests continue a warm time with a story flower. A variety of ways to enjoy each guest will be revealed, and new fun will be added. The ninth story of ‘Yoon Stay’, which is filled with fun from watching to listening, can be confirmed on the broadcast of the day.

tvN’Yoon Stay’ airs every Friday at 9 pm.



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