‘Curious Story Y’, Sejong reed field chain fire incident tracking

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

SBS’ current affairs and culture program “Curious Story Y” tracks a series of fires in a reed field along Sejong Geumgang River.

Serial Fire Mystery
On February 21, a sudden fire broke out in a reed field in a park located on the side of the Geumgang River in Sejong City. Hyeong-jun (a pseudonym) saw the fire accidentally and quickly took off his clothes and put out the fire. But when he was watching the news the next day, he was surprised. There were as many as four fires along the Geumgang River that day. Not long after he witnessed the fire, three more fires occurred nearby. On March 6, 13 days later, another fire broke out in a field of reeds. Again, the witness was Hyeong-jun, who happened to see the first fire.

He’s here every day working out and fire arson suspected of a suspect from police and fire departments, only to that even upset. In the fire that broke out even when the police were patrolling, there was all kinds of speculation among residents about the arsonist’s reality.

However, a fire broke out right in front of the production team near the park on March 7 to dig into the truth. As soon as I called 119 and firefighters were putting out the fire, there were a series of second and third fires, what is happening there?

Was it mistake?
Eight fires in a single park in 14 days. The police said they could not assert that it was a series of arson, saying that even if they tried to light the fire by force during the on-site inspection, it would not catch fire, and that they have been patrolling the park ever since a series of fires. But was the fire going on there caused by an accidental natural fire or a true story? Due to the nature of the park, which has no CCTVs and is open everywhere, the search for suspected arson has become increasingly mysterious.

You do it once or twice, and now you’re bold.
If I did it once and there’s no problem, I can feel the urge to do it elsewhere, so it’s a series of fire mysteries that make residents nervous. Who the hell is the criminal and why is he setting fire? “Curious Story Y,” which deals with a series of fires near the Sejong Geumgang River, will air at 9 p.m. on the 12th.


‘A Wonderful Story Y’. Photo lSBS

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