‘Ant’s Dream’ Kim Min-jung, a competitive temperament

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Announcer Kim Min-jung will appear in “Ant’s Dream” and talk about stocks.

MBC pilot entertainment program “Ant’s Dream,” which will air on the 18th, depicts stock investment beginners struggling to make actual investments based on their knowledge following the last episode of learning basic information on stocks.

First, “New Face” Kim Min-jung appears at the Stock studying Club. Kim Min-jung draws attention by saying that she received early education (?) that was strong enough to go to the guest room with her mother from the age of 4 to 5, as well as that she started stocks when she was a college student.

In particular, Kim Min-jung is surprised by showing her spirit of a matchmaker, saying, “I spent 1.4 million won on one sport!” On the other hand, she said she was also interested in overseas stocks and said she bought shares of overseas sports brands to KBS’s former announcer Cho Choong-hyun, who was a sneaker enthusiast.

In response, Kim Dong-hwan, a financial expert, praised Kim Min-jung’s smart appearance, saying, “It looks better to do stocks than an announcer.”

On this day, Kim Min-jung showed off her talkative and positive energy that she could not see when she was an anchor, and Do Kyung-wan, a senior announcer, said, “I’ve seen more than I’ve known for 10 years.” Expectations are high on how newly joined Kim Min-jung will revitalize the stock studying Club.

Next, there will be a quiz section on “Making Seed Money,” which will be the capital of actual investment. Members who are more enthusiastic than ever when they say that they are given capital every time they answer the question. Kim Gu-ra, who boasts the best (?) knowledge in the entertainment industry, makes the scene burst into laughter, shouting, “Stop! Don’t give me hints!” whenever the hints of experts pop out.

While members are known to invest in real life based on seed money obtained through quizzes, attention is being paid to what stocks the members of the stock studying Club, who have shown different investment tendencies, may have bought. In particular, it will also be revealed how much profit margins will be made by stock investment beginners, such as Do Kyung-wan, who has dreamed of making a fortune, and Jang Dong-min, who has drawn attention as a perfect short-term investment trading method.

“Ant’s Dream” is a stock entertainment program with experts such as entertainment industry stocks, CEO Kim Dong-hwan, and manager Park Byung-chang gathered to fulfill their dreams of directly investing in stocks in the era of ultra-low interest rates. It will air at 9:20 p.m. on the 18th.


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