Ciipher Tan “I failed to pass an audition to be a member of Monsta X, it was too hard”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Tan, a member of the 7-member boy group Ciipher, recalled the difficult past before his debut.

On the afternoon of the 15th, Ciipher’s debut showcase was held at Spigen Hall, located in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The process was handled by Rain, who produced Cypher.

Tan was a trainee at Starship Entertainment in the past. He also appeared on the Mnet audition program “NO.MERCY”, which aired in 2014. The members who won this place made their debut with the group MONSTA X.

Tan recalled the situation at the time and said, “(Monsta X members) were preparing for their debut, but I was very hard. So I turned to the army.” He said, “I went to the military to organize my thoughts, but I said ‘Oh, I should do it.’ I went back to the army and started again.”

Tan also said, “I’m still in good contact with Monsta X’s seniors.

Before my debut, Monsta X members celebrated my debut. I think ‘I will not give up to be a singer’ and ‘I will not betray my efforts’. I’ve been practicing for a long time, and it left a lot of regret to give up.”

On the other hand, Ciipherwill debut today (15th) at 6 pm by releasing the title song ‘I’m Not Growling’.

Photo courtesy| Rain Company

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