Joo Ho-min confesses his son’s developmental disability… “I took courage to see Oh Yoon-ah”

Webtoon writer Joo Ho-min. Photo|Homin Joo’s SNS

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Webtoon writer Joo Ho-min, 40, confessed that his first son suffers from autism.

Joo Ho-min posted a video titled “21/03/13: The Story of Seon-jae” on his YouTube channel on the 14th.

In the released video, Joo Ho-min said, “I have a story to tell you. First, Seon-jae (son) has a developmental disorder. He can’t communicate well because he has autism. He had to go to elementary school last year, but he was not ready, so he entered this time at the age of 9.”

He added, “I often moved to a new house and moved to a new house. If you know this, you will understand all my behavior patterns that moving often. If I get a call from home during the broadcast, I go home, or at some point I didn’t write a cartoon story myself (because of that).”

Joo Ho-min said, “(I haven’t talked about it so far) because he thought it was necessary to say it, and he was a little cautious to inform an unspecified majority. It could be taken as a documentary or abused.”

“I was thinking that I should talk someday, but I thought a lot when I saw Oh Yoon-ah’s recent appearance with her son with a developmental disability on an entertainment program. So I’m going to talk about the first story from time to time.

Internet users who heard the video said, “I will pray that Joo Ho-min’s family will always be filled with joy and happiness,” “You are so cool as a father,” and “I didn’t know there was this situation because you were always bright and pleasant.” “I will cheer for you more in the future as much as you have given me courage.”

Joo Ho-min, who made his debut with “Jjam” in 2005, drew webtoons such as “Infinite Power,” “Along with the Gods,” and “Bangtanghuru.” In particular, “Along with the Gods” was also produced as a movie and was loved by more than 10 million viewers. Joo Ho-min married in 2010 and has two sons.

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