‘Law School’ Kim Myeong-min “It will be a high-class drama discussing law and justice”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Myung-min, who returned to the small screen with “Law School,” expressed his confidence that “it will be a high-quality drama that discusses what law and justice are.”

Kim Myung-min plays Yang Jong-hoon, an elite prosecutor-turned-criminal law professor in JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Law School” (directed by Kim Seok-yoon, written by Seo-in, produced by JTBC Studios, Studio Phoenix, and Dong-Dong House).

“Law School” is the first drama with director Kim Seok-yoon, who has worked with the series of the third film “The Detective of Joseon.” “Now we have a lot of trust in each other,” he said, expressing his welcome, saying, “I always missed the days we worked together on the scene because we are a solid director, and I am more new and happy to be reunited with the drama this time.”

Come to think of it, Kim has played a lot of professional roles such as doctors, lawyers, and professors. This is why the modifier “professional professional worker” is attached to his name. The charm of “Ross School,” which moved his mind, was that it was “a new background of law school to train future legal professionals.” “If you look at professors’ classes and students’ discussions, they really deal with what anyone can experience once in real life in a very sophisticated and deep way. So it will be a high-quality drama that will make you think about what law and justice are.”

The character Yang Jong-hoon was also attractive. Kim Myung-min, who said, “Yang Jong-hoon was a prosecutor who took an elite course in the past, but he took off his clothes for some reason,” said, “He is known as the ‘Yangkrates of Fear’ in the school, but he felt sincere to prevent his disciples from becoming evil lawyers.” “He has passion and warm heart,” he said, expressing his unexpected charm.

In order to express him in the teaching group with such a story, he said, “I tried to express that I am a person who has changed a lot over the years, such as my daily tone, hairstyle, and looking at people,” revealing the process of thinking about Yang Jong-hoon’s thorough educational beliefs.

Above all, expectations are high for professional legal knowledge that will be delivered in Kim Myung-min’s unique diction. He started with the idea that “I understand how I act so that viewers can see it comfortably.” He said, “Since these are unfamiliar languages that I don’t use in my daily life, I tried to understand the situation and meaning of words while studying one by one.” It was another glimpse of his hard work and passion, which has continued his reputation as a “Myeongminjwa” by sincerely working on each piece and administering a considerable amount of practice.

Lastly, Kim Myung-min, who raised expectations by pointing out the kind points of watching such as “Professor Yang with strong and warm anti-war charms, students with various personalities, and the process of solving the case in law school,” said, “I hope you will be able to sympathize more and more.”
“There are so many things to see, and director Kim Seok-yoon’s directing has a lot of expectations, so I hope you enjoy it.”

On the other hand, “Ross School” is a campus mystery drama that unfolds as the nation’s most prestigious law school professors and students are involved in unprecedented cases, and includes the process of prospective lawyers realizing the truth, law and justice through the brutal law school survival period. Director Kim Seok-yoon and writer Seo-in, the best director who dominated both the work and the topic through the dramas “The Light in Your Eyes”, “Listen to Love” and “Awl”, joined forces.

It will premiere on April 14 (Wednesday) at 9 p.m. following JTBC’s “Sisyphus: The Myth.”


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