‘Navillera’ original webtoon HUN author “Song Kang’s visual itself matches Chae-rok 100%” [Interview]

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HUN writer, the original author of tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Navillera,” expressed his affection for the work in a written interview, saying, “The casting satisfaction is 300 percent.”

tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Navillera” (director Han Dong-hwa, writer Lee Eun-mi, production studio Dragon The Great Show), which will premiere on the 22nd, is a teacher duo’s youth record drama about the growth of “Deok-chul” who started ballet at the age of seventy and “Chae-rok” who wanders in front of his twenty-three dreams. It is based on Kakao Page X Daum Webtoon “HUN, Jimin,” which has captured webtoon enthusiasts with a perfect score and a rating of 10 since its first serialization in 2016.

“I am very satisfied with each casting,” HUN wrote. Personally, I think it is right not to express much opinion on casting because the original author is not an expert in the video results,” and said, “I think there should be a basic trust that if the production team cast an actor, there must be a reason.”

In the past, Kim Soo-hyun was casted to attract great attention as he trusted the production team of the film “Secretly Greatly.” “Navillera” also trusted the production team, and Song Kang has been cast, raising high expectations. “I expect you to become a bigger actor through ‘Navillera’,” he said.

In particular, he gave special trust to Park In-hwan and Na Moon-hee. “What do we need to explain about Park In-hwan and Na Moon-hee, who have been hearing about the TV show for decades? “It was a perfect casting without a doubt,” he said. “Personally, Deok-chul thought, ‘Shouldn’t a middle-aged actor in his 50s and 60s wear a little makeup?” It’s because of the material that requires the body to be used, and the casting of the production team seems to be the answer to the role of “real” faithful to emotions. “We look forward to seeing all the other actors and actresses in addition,” he/she said.

In particular, “Navillera” raises expectations for the perfect harmony of the new and old, from Park In-hwan, Park In-hwan, a “original great actor,” and Na Moon-hee, to Song Kang, a “major force.” In response, author HUN said, “Deok-chul characters are important in terms of life itself.” “I believe that Park In-hwan’s performance, from a simple word to a breath, will be more than “Deok-chul,” he said. “I also believe that Na Moon-hee will play the emotional line of an old couple who has a long life for that reason.”

As for Song Kang, “The visuals themselves are 100% consistent with Chae-rok’s character,” he said. “In particular, through recent works, I was able to see that the acting and atmosphere are becoming high-quality.” Personally, I’m looking forward to the scenes where Chae-rok bursts out confused and passionate emotions and explodes violent ballet moves,” she said, heralding Song Kang’s acting spectrum to be upgraded further through “Navillera.”

“Navillera” is very special in that 70 grandfather Deok-chul and 23 youth Chae-rok build a special friendship beyond 47 years, along with fresh-material ballet, which was rarely seen in dramas.

“I was curious about how certain events and scenes would be expressed, but now it’s a little different,” HUN writer said. “Deok-chul and Chae-rok have a basic character relationship set up as ‘the farthest but closest’. “I focused on this part when I made the original work, and over time, I look forward to the natural and harmonious expression of the two characters in everyday expressions.”

In particular, he said, “I hope the drama will express the humor of everyday life, such as serious conversation or ballet, and express feelings for each other,” raising expectations for the first broadcast of Navillera, which the priest duo will write together.

In particular, ‘Navillera’ is strongly supported by leading actors such as Jung Hae-kyun, Shin Eun-jung, Jung Hee-tae, Kim Soo-jin, and Cho Bok-rae. In particular, while Deok-chul’s family is one of the pillars of “Navillera,” HUN writer said, “I look forward to all Deok-chul’s family.” “In the process of making the original work, I actually thought of my parents and brothers and almost all I projected.”

In addition, he said, “There are many people who express their family, such as my exemplary and good but upright eldest son, my liberal idealist youngest son (I), and my mother whose life is all about my children, so I look forward to seeing the ordinary and conflicting scenes of family love.”

In particular, “Navillera” is expected to convey deep sympathy and sincerity to viewers with touching stories and real-life family stories of a priest duo flying together and achieving their dreams. When asked about the message he wanted to send to viewers through “Navillera,” HUN said, “It was the hardest and most painful work I’ve ever done in 20 years.” “It was really hard to express and convey the feelings of the warm family without provocative material, but the message I wanted to do was “Family and Dream.” “If ‘Navillera’ is an opportunity for people to seriously think of their family and dreams even for a moment, I think that alone has achieved the purpose of ‘Navillera’.”

Lastly, author HUN said, “Jimin and my team are working on a long-term action cartoon ‘Rendezvous.’ “We have one season in a row for a year and are currently preparing for the next season, but we have to complete the pre-production of ‘Navillera Part 4’ and prepare well for the next season of Kakao Page X next webtoon ‘Rendezvous’ again.”

Along with this, the writer’s personal plan, “HUN, is to tell the story of life, time, and the present that he can do best. “I don’t know how much more content I can make in the future, but I will carefully plan and make one plan and one title because it is such a precious and precious opportunity,” he said. “My own ironclad rule is one.” Every time I can, I’ll try to be as new as possible. “I want to be remembered as a writer who was good at various genres and materials rather than a writer who was thought of as a genre.”

tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Navillera” will premiere at 9 p.m. on Monday.sje@mkinternet.com

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