‘The Taste of Wife’ Kim Mi-hyun appeared… Golf tutoring at Yoon Seok-min

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The taste of wife’ Yoon Seok-min and Kim Soo-hyun have a special meeting with LPGA legend Kim Mi-hyun.

In the 140th episode of the TV CHOSUN entertainment program ‘The Taste of a Wife’, broadcast on the 16th (Tuesday), Yoon Seok-min and Kim Soo-hyun met the LPGA legend Super Peanut, Kim Mi-hyun, together with homerun king Kim Tae-gyun. In the middle, Kim Ye-ryeong prepares a special lunch box for his son-in-law Yoon Seok-min, delivering his hearty emotions and rich know-how.

Above all, the situation that surprised everyone when it was revealed that Yoon Seok-min, who had repeatedly practiced and worked hard for the golf tournament, did not overcome the extreme tension on the field in a blizzard and eventually withdrew from the golf tournament. For Yoon Seok-min, who had completely destroyed food and drink due to his broken mentality, his mother-in-law, Kim Ye-ryeong, prepared a ‘Ye-ryeong’s Special Lunch Box’ from 5 a.m. and showed off his overflowing love for son-in-law. However, even for a moment, the impression that was coming in was a moment when Yoon Seok-min and Kim Soo-hyun began to doubt whether it was true that Kim Ye-ryeong, who had a history of ‘Sajae Milk Kit’, made his own food, causing laughter. That there is.

On the other hand, Yoon Seok-min invited the legend of the 1st generation LPGA in the U.S. for the second golf tournament, Super Peanut Mi-Hyun Kim, who has 8 wins in LPGA and 13 wins in KLPGA, as a special teacher, with wife Kim Soo-hyun and ‘Golf Rival’ Kim Tae-gyun. I went to the golf course. Following the outbreak of the second round of golf between special pitcher Yoon Seok-min and homerun king Kim Tae-gyun, Kim Tae-gyun’s provocations continued unavoidably, and Yoon Seok-min showed his mental sway again, making him curious about the outcome of the confrontation.

After that, Kim Mi-hyun went to tutoring with tweezers for Yoon Seok-min, and Yoon Seok-min, who walked on a self-taught golf course, drew admiration from the pros of Ilchiwoljang and Kim Mi-hyun with a single feedback. Even the disciple Yoon Seok-min surprised studio Amatpam by offering a brave challenge to the teacher Kim Mi-hyun. Eventually, an interesting three-way confrontation such as Kim Mi-Hyun, the world’s top bunker, Yoon Seok-min, a golf rookie, and Kim Tae-gyun, a powerful swing, colored the scene with tension. In particular, the story behind the third generation, such as the bragging of the athletic DNA of the second-generation athletes, the quicksand of retirement, and the mental management method, etc. were released, sparking the excitement of the field.

The production crew said, “Because they are athletes who look gorgeous on the outside, the unspoken situation will make the home theater sympathetic.” In addition, “We have a special time for LPGA legend Kim Mi-hyun to share tips related to golf, so please look forward to it.”


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