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Director Kim Jong-kwan, Lee Joo-young, Yoon Hye-ri, Yeon Woo-jin (from left to right) Photo | Reporter Yoo Yong-seok

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Shades of the Heart’, which expands director Kim Jong-kwan’s view of the world, will be screened.

On the afternoon of the 17th, a premiere and press conference for the movie ‘Shades of the Heart’ was held at the entrance of Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Seoul. Director Kim Jong-gwan and actor Yeon Woo-jin Lee Joo-young and Yoon Hye-ri attended.

‘Shades of the Heart’ tells the story of a novelist Chang-seok, who came back to Seoul after seven years in an early spring, accidentally meets and broke up with everyone, but no one is lost. The novelist Chang-seok, who returned to Seoul, has a coffee shop, museum, cafe, bar, etc. He depicts a story of meeting and breaking up with strangers as if familiar in everyday spaces. It was revealed through the Jeonju Cinema Project at the 20th Jeonju International Film Festival.

Starting with the short film ‘How To Operate A Polaroid Camera’ in 2004, the films ‘Worst Woman’ (2016), “The Table” (2016), ‘Josée’ (2020), Netflix originals ‘Persona’ and “But don’t turn off the lights” This is a new work by director Kim Jong-gwan that showed various storytelling from books such as ‘Alley by Alley’, ‘The Table’ and ‘I am close to you’.

Director Kim Jong-kwan said, “In my previous work, I have focused on the story created by the conversation between two people. In that part, I wanted to do something more formal experiment. So I came up with this story. I thought I could enjoy the story of several layers while talking about the boundary.”

“Some parts are similar to before, but (‘Shades of the Heart’) one person meets several people and undergoes a mental change. There is a formal difference in listening to Chang-seok’s various stories. I thought about the expressions that can be made using the medium of film. The environment wasn’t easy because it was a low-budget movie, but I wondered what kind of movie could be made using the language of movie that can only be enjoyed in theaters. If there is light and darkness, I thought that I would like to make a story by looking into the area of darkness and the area of shadows and observing it.”

Director Kim Jong-kwan. Photo|Reporter Yoo Yong-seok

Yeon Woo-jin, who is active in dramas and movies, breaks down into Changseok, a novelist who returned to Seoul after 7 years, and collects the stories of his lost heart.

Following ‘The Table’, Yeon Woo-jin, who was reunited with director Kim, said, “The moment I work with the director is very impressive. I live busy and chased by time, but when I work with the director, I stand still for a while and look at the time and moment slowly. So, as an actor, I have time to look back on my life. There was no reason to refuse. I wanted to give the director the joy I felt during ‘The Table’, but it was nice to have a great gift.”

In addition, Yeon Woo-jin said, “It was an honor to just watch the performance because I was able to breathe with great actors. I came with the heart that I listened to their stories well. I also listen to someone rather than listen to them. I was worried that my original appearance would come out of my reaction’s acting. While paying attention to such things, I pushed myself to express those things of raw things. I emptied everything and tried to go to the set. It was a work that suddenly fell in love with their stories and agitated in my mind.”

Kim Sang-ho appears as a photographer who reunites with Chang-seok at a cafe and tells a dramatic story about hope. Lee Joo-young, of ‘Dokjeon’ and ‘SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS’, transforms into a bartender at the bar where ‘Chang-seok’ stopped by and creates another story as a mysterious character who lives in memories of customers. Actress Yoon Hye-ri, who caught the eye in ‘Josée’, appears as an editor who helps Chang-seok’s novel publication and spits out a story in her memories. Actress Lee Ji-eun, who had a relationship with director Kim Jong-kwan in the episode ‘Walking the Night’ in Netflix’ Persona, made a friendship appearance with trust and affection for Kim Jong-kwan.

Lee Joo-young said, “When I first received the scenario, it seemed to be connected with the film that director Kim Jong-kwan worked on, and I was glad and thankful that I could participate in the worldview of director Kim Jong-kwan, too.”

She said of Yeon Woo-jin, “There is a gentle power. It has a slightly different charm from other actors in some way. If the characters I’ve met are stimulating things, I think this actor has such a charm. He was an actor who was curious about what was behind it. I was able to act comfortably. It was fun.”

Yoon Hye-ri also said, “I am a person who makes me comfortable. I decided on an acting concept that only I knew was a senior I would have liked at least once in college, so I acted. It was a warm senior who was good to immerse in.”

Director Kim Jong-kwan said, “There are many spaces in the movie. It was packed in a lonely tone, but I thought it was a real and everyday space, but also a space with extraordinary elements. For example, a coffee shop in Euljiro, where actor Lee Ji-eun is located, was also a long time ago. There are people who busily go to and from the underground shopping mall, while others take a break. I also wanted to describe the difference in speed, and there are still public telephone booths, but their use is getting faint. It is a story of such a boundary. So is the palace. I cared about the space. I think the title ‘Shades of the Heart’ reminds me of many different thoughts after watching the movie. I wanted the audience to keep thinking and expanding. It is a title that can be extended such that.”

‘Where No One’ will be released on the 31st.


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