“Sudden liver failure.” Yoon-joo, thoracic fracture. “She’s losing a lot of bones.”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Yoon Joo (32) suffered a thoracic fracture during an acute liver battle.

Yoon Joo posted a long post on her Instagram on the 16th. “It was a month ago. I just lifted a box of weight that I had heard before into the house.”

She added, “Because of the nature of liver failure, nutrition absorption is not possible. “That must have weakened my bones a lot,” he said. “As soon as I lifted the object, I got into trouble. I thought it would be okay soon, but it was a fracture.

Yoon-joo said, “Health is meaningful when you take care of it when you are healthy. “Let’s stay healthy,” she added.

In April last year, Yoon Joo suspended her activities, saying she was diagnosed with acute liver failure due to side effects of antibiotics.

Yoon Joo made her debut with the play ‘Catch Him’ in 2010. Afterwards, she appeared in “Miss Wife,” “Extra-Legal Rights,” “Trap,” 2017 “Criminal City” and 2018 “The Pension.”

Next is Yoon Joo’s SNS article.

They’re all curious.

You know, uh… The reason why I have a thoracic fracture… It’s really normal; it was a month ago. A box of weight that I’d easily heard before. I just flew into the house. And a box of…lol

Due to the nature of liver failure, nutrition absorption is not possible. I guess that’s why my bones have become very weak.

The moment I lifted it, I said, “Ugh!” and the door came. I had a pain, but it’s hard to circulate normally, so I have a sore throat. So I thought I’d be okay soon, but… It was a fracture. What is it?

Haha, that’s what happened anyway.

Make sure you all eat calcium! I’m healthy, so don’t think about it, and it’s meaningful when you take care of your health.

Let’s stay healthy! Let’s all cheer up♥

# Let’s be healthy # Eat well # Aja


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