BLACKPINK Rosé created YouTube channel… “I will be a happy singer”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

While BLACKPINK Rosé captivated global music fans with her solo album, she opened a personal YouTube channel and made it a hot topic.

Black Pink Rose opened a personal YouTube channel ‘ROSÉ’ on the 18th and published an interview film.

The released video captures Rosé’s childhood videos. Little Rosé, a free and active little girl, bravely walked through the sledding and danced to the music.

Rosé recalled why her Australian name was named ROSEANNE, the house she lived in as a child, and her favorite memories of taking a nap. “When I woke up, I played the piano. It was really fun. At this time, I think I grew a lot of love for music,” she recalled.

Rosé confessed, ‘There was a time when I was in trouble thinking about what it means to be good at music.’ She said, “I wasn’t happy listening to music at any moment,” he said. “Through this and that, I felt that it was important to talk about music with my life experiences. Music comforts me these days.”

Furthermore, Rosé revealed that she had a new dream as an artist. “When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be like Beyonce or Michael Jackson. (But) these days, I try to become a happy singer who can’t be shaken anytime, anywhere,” she said. “I made my solo debut and made a commitment to enjoy each process.”

Her sincere interview film recounting what is most important in her present life is resonating with many people. It is also the point that touches the message of the title song ‘On The Ground’ of her solo single album ‘R’ this time.

‘On The Ground’ is a song containing the lyrics of ‘I always ran looking at a higher place, but the important value is in me’. In the music video, Rosé expressed this feeling while confronting herself in the past.

On the other hand, Rosé’s first solo album ‘R’ was released on the 16th, and as soon as it was released, about 280,000 copies were sold during the day, ranking first in the album category of Hanteo Chart. Earlier, the number of pre-orders alone recorded more than 500,000 copies, so the final initial record is expected to increase further. This is the highest record for a single album by Korean female solo artists.

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