‘Call Center for Love’ Lim Young-woong performs ‘Whistle’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Twenty-eight “Miss & Mr. Trot” stars, the main character of the Korean trot craze, who appeared in the “Call Center for Love,” will show off their unexpected charm through their individual performances by teams.

In the 47th episode of TV CHOSUN’s “Call Center of Love,” which will air on the 19th (Friday), the 28 main trot players, including “Mr. Trot” TOP6, “Miss Trot 2” TOP7, and “Mr. & Miss” Rainbow, will win the final match.

Above all, the trot stars, who made a winning move with a unique selection, drew attention amid the hot team battle between the trot stars to determine the final winner. As it is a feature of the “Sakol” feature with 28 first-time players, it continues to compete by team through the “God’s Hand” in the second part, following the first part of the “Trot Festival,” where the results were unknown.

In particular, “Miss Trot 2” Sun Ji-yoon Hong Ji-yoon sang “Secret 486”, “Miss Rainbow” team Kim Yeon-ji chose “Heavenly Reunion” and “Miss Rainbow” team Yoon Tae-hwa performed “Is it true?” to explode the new charm.
In addition, the trot star who sang the unconventional Hwasa’s “Maria” and the trot star who raised the atmosphere with Coyote’s “Pure” showed a variety of special performances with unexpected charm that 28 people have never shown before. As the four teams’ passionate relay stages for the final championship draw enthusiastic responses, curiosity is focusing on which team will win the final championship.

Lim Young-woong, who performed a special stage with his new song “My Love Like a Starlight,” drew attention this time by singing the fluttering spring mood song with the sweet love song “Spring Spring Spring.” Lim Young-woong said, “Since spring is approaching, I want to enjoy it together on a warm spring day,” and gave the sweetness and all-time-class return to the “Spring Spring” stage, which includes whistling, the main specialty.

Also, “Miss Trot 2” Yang Ji-eun showed the dignity of “Miss Trot 2” Jin with her authentic trot performance. Trot stars, who became the audience for Yang Ji-eun’s song, are watching the stage with their hands together, and are drawing keen attention as if they were cheering in a small exclamation.

The production team said, “In addition to the first part, the exciting variety stage of the Korean trot main characters will visit the viewers.” “Please look forward to the passionate stage and the exciting stage of the trot stars to win the final title.”

Meanwhile, the 47th episode of TV CHOSUN’s “Call Center for Love” will air at 10 p.m.


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