Heo In-chang and Huni Hoon “Huni Hoon claimed that he named ‘G-dragon’. That’s a lie”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Rapper Heo In-chang talked about singer and writer Huni Hoon.

On the 18th, Heo In-chang posted a post on his Instagram on the 18th and said, “It’s ridiculous. Huni Hoon, please don’t lie shamelessly. What kind of G-Dragon name did you name?. You weren’t with the day I first met Ji-yong and named it.”

Hooni Hoon appeared on the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ that aired on the 17th, revealing that he gave the name of Big Bang G-Dragon, attracting attention.

In the broadcast, Huni Hoon said, “Ji-yong was with me in the recording studio when he was in the 5th grade of elementary school. The rappers made a nickname. When he asked what his name was, he said Kwon Ji-yong, so he made a name by saying, “Your moniker is G-Dragon.”

In response, the MCs asked, “Is it made by myself?” and Huni Hoon replied, “Yes, I made it together on the spot,” and “And a song called ‘My age thirteen’ came out.”

In response to this, Heo In-chang said, “I decided to do one song with Ji-yong the first time I saw it, and named it while recording the guide that day, and went home and called G-Dragon (‘my age thirteen’) to take care of you when recording the next day after completing the lyrics. He said, “You’re told to do 8 words in my part,” he said, “and you’re really amazing that you can talk about it that way.”

So, in this article, “In-chang? I’ve talked about you a few times. Really. And memory means a memory? We were together? It wasn’t with bad intentions. It’s like that, but don’t be too angry.” Huni Hoon commented.


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