Jessi ‘What Type of X’ surpassed 3.8 million views at the top of the music chart + MV

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The listeners responded with a hot reaction to the new challenge of singer Jessi.

Jessi’s new digital single ‘What Type of X’, released on the 17th, rose to the top 2 on the real-time charts of major domestic music sites right after its release, and quickly entered Melon 24Hits, which counts the usage in a 24-hour cumulative unit. Settled.

‘What Type of X’ music video exceeded 3.8 million views in less than a day after its release, and immediately after its release, it attracted hot reactions at home and abroad, including 2nd place on the worldwide (worldwide) music video trending chart and a name on Twitter real-time trends. have.

In addition, through the global short video application TikTok, Jessi is proceeding with the #WhatTypeofXchallenge following the ‘Nunu Nana Challenge’, and participation in the challenge is also continuing in earnest, starting with Psy and Hwasa.

‘What Type of X’ is a song that honestly expresses the unique self-confidence and self-esteem through the lyrics written by Jessi, such as “It’s not wrong because it’s different from you” and “Don’t judge, don’t know life.” It is a track of the (Pop Rock) genre.

PNation’s president, Psy, who created ‘Nunu Nana’ with Jessi, took part in the lyrics and composition of this new song and devoted herself to completing the upgraded result with meticulous directing from music video shooting to song work. It is receiving favorable reviews from listeners.

Jessi was on Naver NOW right after the music was released on the 17th. He appeared on the live show’#OUTNOW’ and showed a powerful dance and a charismatic live stage. Jessi said about the new song ‘What Type of X’, “It is a song that shows who I am. My confidence and courage are revealed. I hope that many people will gain confidence while listening to ‘What Type of X’.”

In addition, Jessi appeared as a guest on the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ that aired that night and showed off a splendid talk. Jessi released the story behind the new album, the lyrics of ‘What Type of X’, and episodes with Psy who participated in the composition. In particular, Jessi said, “The rock genre that I try for the first time is unfamiliar,” but she said, “Thanks to Psy who cheered for a new challenge, ‘What Type of X’ could come out into the world.” In addition, the stage of ‘What Type of X’ was released for the first time on the air, bringing the cast members’ resilience.

After a successful comeback ceremony, Jessi is planning to decorate the comeback stage by appearing on music broadcasts one after another starting with Mnet ‘M Countdown’, which is broadcast on the afternoon of the 18th.

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