Lee Sang-hwa will be on ‘A lift like God’

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Sang-hwa’s ‘A lift like God’ episode will be shown.

On the 19th at 8:45 pm on the MBC entertainment program ‘A lift like God’, the ice sang empress ‘Lee Sang-hwa’ will appear and show national-level cooking skills.

Lee Sang-hwa, who has emerged as a daily rookie and challenger, has released a special recipe that she has never done for her husband, Gangnam. The recipe is called “Kimchi Jjageulie” recipe and “Tuna Flake” that made use of savory texture. Lee Sang-hwa, in particular, showed enthusiasm for cooking by using kimchi, which she directly delivered to her mother to recreate the taste of her mother’s hands. Other challengers responded by saying, “It smells good first,” and “It’s over,” predicting the possibility of a gold ax.

Haha, who was in charge of the first tasting of the dish, put kimchi on top of white rice and piled tuna flakes like a tower to show the standard of eating show. Despite Sung Si-kyung’s urging, Ha-ha, who was continuing the tasting without saying a word, suddenly said, “What are you looking at our program?” In response, Kim Jong-kook calmed Haha down, saying, “Isn’t the flake a good idea?” and Ha-ha appeared troubled before making a final evaluation, saying, “It’s sweet to eat together.”

Indeed, whether Lee Sang-hwa would have become the main character of the first toad or won the gold axe overcoming Haha’s harsh criticism can be found on MBC’s “A lift like God” at 8:45 p.m. on the 19th.


Photo| MBC broadcast screen capture
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