‘My Lovely Child’ Jung Hyung-don, feeling sorry for his wife “My wife has changed like me”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

The story of my son, who is a bully, will be revealed in “My Lovely Child”.

Channel A’s “Parenting These Days – My Lovely Child”, which will air on the 19th, will reveal the story of a son who drives his mother crazy.

In the released video, you can see the daily life of a child who acts straight to his mother as soon as he wakes up in the morning. Mother soothes the boy after waking up, but it rarely calms down, and my brother, who was listening to the crying of the gold side next to me, vomits. Then, he starts to cry and finally hits his mother, asking her to read his book first.

When made a video call with dad to soothe the boy, but mom, who couldn’t stand it after the call, said, “How many times a day should I match you?” and couldn’t hold back her anger. She sheds tears because she was having a hard time all day when my father left work.

In the studio, the mother thanked her husband, saying, “He is indispensable without him and he is so precious.”

In response, Hong Hyun-hee sympathizes with the loving mother’s heart for her husband, saying, “My wish is to die a day before Jason.” Meanwhile, Shin Ae-ra asks Jung Hyung-don, “Isn’t your wife having a hard time raising twins?” In response, Hyung-don said, “I am not good at going to crowded places, so my wife has changed her tendency like me.”

Then, the child who hit his forehead against the door by his mother’s mistake while opening the bathroom door burst into tears again. Mom is sorry and tries to soothe her son, but the angry gold side closes the door and walks in. The boy waits for her mother to follow her, but she is insensitive and only focuses on fixing toys.

In response, the boy asks her to hug her, but her tired mother refuses to hug her. Eventually, the gold spits on the floor and begins to look for the blackmailing nipples. Mother pretends to cut the blackmailing nipples for discipline, but the boy that she saw gets even worse. In spite of the unaffordable rawness, the mother eventually gives the golden nipples to the nipples.

Oh Eun-young, who was watching the video, points out the emotional interaction of her mother, saying, “For your child, the port of mind is not a mother, but a blackmail nipples.”

Oh Eun-young’s tips for child care can be found on Channel A at 8 p.m. on the 19th for the gold man who constantly acts raw when he sees his mother.


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