‘Mysterious Record Shop’ Jo Jeong-chi “My wife Jeong-in earns 3 times more than me”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Jang Hang-joon, Jo Jeong-chi, and Kim Jin-soo will be on “Mysterious Record Shop”.

JTBC’s music talk show “Delivery gayo-Mysterious Record Shop” (planned by JTBC/produced by SMC&C STUDIO/directed by Kim Ji-sun/mysterious Record Shop) will feature famous drama writer Jang Hang-joon, singer Jeong-in’s husband Jo Jeong-chi, and lyricist Yang Jae-sun’s husband Kim Jin-soo.

The three will give a big laugh with their wife’s pride battle, which features a healthy mind that can’t be found as a qualification such as showing off their wife’s income and how to use their wife’s card.

Jang Hang-joon, the husband of writer Kim Eun-hee and also the director of the films “Turn on the lighter” and “Night of Memory,” drew attention by referring to his wife’s income, who wrote works that recorded global hits such as the drama “Signal” and “Kingdom.”

In the meantime, he surprised everyone by revealing the timing of the laptop replacement, saying, “I’m proud of such a person living in our apartment, but he’s in my house,” citing Kim Eun-hee’s great effort as the secret to becoming a world-class writer now.

Jo Jeong-chi, the husband of Jeong-in, a vocalist full of personality, and also considered an unrivaled guitarist, revealed his active attitude in parenting on behalf of his busy wife, saying that his wife’s income seems to be three times higher than that of him.

According to MC Yoon Jong-shin, who is close to Jo Jeong-chi and Jeong-in couple, it is never easy to make time due to childcare even if you ask Jo Jeong-chi to sing a song. Finally, Jo Jeong-chi said, “The philosophy of parenting is to survive day by day,” and revealed how to relieve stress alone in the back room after he retires, causing a salty laugh.

Kim Jin-soo, the husband of Yang Jae-sun, who wrote Shin Seung-hoon’s “I Believe” and Sung Si-kyung’s “Hee-jae,” and a comedian who enjoyed the peak popularity of Hurricane Blue, revealed that he had been in a slump for 20 years.

Apart from this, however, he revealed that his wife had been alone due to the harsh words she had written in her lyrics notebook, and said she still did not know whether the phrase was directed at him or not.

In addition, in the recording, the three released a thrilling episode of their close relationship with MC Yoon Jong-shin, and mentioned MC Jang Yoon-jung’s husband Do Kyung-wan and pointed out him as a guest to be here with.

Meanwhile, “Mysterious Record Shop” is a music entertainment show that features guests tied up with a common job with Yoon Jong-shin, Jang Yoon-jung, Kyu-hyun and Wendy 4MC to introduce “Life Story” and “Life Song” and complete the playlist every Friday night at 9 p.m.


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