‘Penthouse 2’ Lee Ji-ah X Park Eun-seok finally met… “You are right”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The scene of “Strong Spark” where Lee Ji-ah and Park Eun-seok in “Pent House 2” face each other with sharp eyes has been unveiled.

SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Penthouse 2” (played by Kim Soon-ok, directed by Joo Dong-min) is a suspense revenge drama that takes place at No. 1 housing price and No. 1 education due to distorted desires that cannot be filled. It depicts the solidarity and revenge of women who had no choice but to become evil women to protect their children. Above all, “Penthouse 2” has not only topped the highest viewer ratings in all channel programs aired over the past week, but has continued its phenomenal record with more than 100 million clip VOD views.

In “Penthouse 2,” Lee Ji-ah plays Na Ae-gyo, the biological mother of Kim Young-dae and Joo Dan-tae (Eom Ki-jun), and Park Eun-seok plays Logan Lee, an American rich man and two older brother of Min Seol-ah (Cho Soo-min).

In particular, Na Ae-gyo appeared at the end of the sixth episode with the same appearance as Shim Soo-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah), but showed a different atmosphere and attitude, shocking her. In the last broadcast, the moment Na Ae-gyo, who was suspected by Joo Dan-tae, was strangled by Joo Dan-tae, Logan-ri appeared and rescued Na Ae-gyo, making the hearts of viewers chewy.

In this regard, the site of “meaningful eye contact” where Lee Ji-ah and Park Eun-seok finally face each other has been revealed, sparking interest. The scene where Na Ae-gyo and Logan Lee, who escaped from Ju Dan-tae, face each other in the play. While Na Ae-gyo is staring at Logan Lee with a cold gaze, Logan-ri, who is close to Na Ae-gyo, gives a desperate and desperate look.

Two years ago, Na Ae-gyo disappeared after calling Logan Lee and saying that she would tell him what Joo Dan-tae had done to Shim before leaving. It stimulates curiosity about what kind of story the two people will finally face.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-ah and Park Eun-seok, who challenged the two roles through “Pent House,” showed the two characters clearly differently from appearance to temperature difference, drawing favorable reviews from viewers. At the site of the “meaningful eye contact,” the two expressed the feelings of the characters from various angles in the new encounter, and solved the completely new relationship between Na Ae-gyo and Logan-ri to focus on the scene.

The production team said, “Lee Ji-ah and Park Eun-seok are perfectly playing two difficult roles with unique character analysis skills, adding a sense of immersion to the play. Please look forward to the future story as the secrets of curiosity and reversal will slowly be solved.”

Meanwhile, the ninth episode of “Penthouse 2” will air at 10 p.m. on the 19th.


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