‘Sseolvival’ Heo Gyeong-hwan “If Kim Ji-min and I are unmarried until the age of 50, we will marry.”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Sseolvival’ predicted the low tide that brings a spring breeze to the hearts of MCs.

In the KBS Joy entertainment program ‘Sseolvival’, broadcast today (18th), MC’s ‘reality best friend’ comedian Heo Gyeong-hwan will appear as a special balancer, and a balance talk show will be held under the theme of ‘Who is a male friend who is harder to keep by?’

The storyteller, the male friend, and the workplace, whom she had been close to since middle school, joined the company and took care of her very well. MCs can’t hide their happy laughter at the behavior that continuously stimulates the male friend’s excitement index.

Soon, the storyteller who has a heart for the male teacher even confesses, and the excitement of the MCs soon turns into a scream in a series of unprecedented rebellions. Park Na-rae said, “As an unrequited love expert, I want to tell you not to suffer from heartache because a better man will appear,” raising the expectations of viewers.

Special balancer Heo Gyeong-hwan creates a romantic atmosphere with MC Kim Ji-min from the time he appears. Heo Gyeong-hwan, who said that Kim Ji-min and 50-year-old marriage insurance (?), said, “Unmarried until the age of 50, the two said that if they were unmarried, they were in their early 30s, but the age of 50 is approaching.”

In addition, the story of ‘unconceptual new employee’ and ‘no-answer boss’ who will call the storm sympathy of office workers in ‘Sseolvival’ will also come to the story.

Balance talk show of ‘Sseolvival’ will be broadcast on KBS Joy today (18th) at 8:30 pm. ‘Sseolvival’ is a new concept talk show that introduces various ‘seol (episodes)’ sent directly from viewers through the recently popular ‘Balance Game’, and picks the best legend story every week.


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