‘Sumi Lodge’ Kim Hyeon-sook “My stepfather help my divorce…I am very impressed”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Sumi Lodge’ Kim Hyeon-sook will make a’surprise video call’ with her mother at the suggestion of Kim Su-mi, the owner of the lodge.

Kim Hyeon-sook will appear as a guest in the healing hand-tasting entertainment ‘Sumi Lodge’ co-produced by SKY and KBS, which will be aired on the 18th.

Kim Hyeon-sook, who had overcome personal pain and returned to entertainment, said, “My 7-year-old son is raised by my parents in Miryang, and I live alone in Jeju Island for work.”

My mother, who raised her three siblings including Kim Hyeon-sook by herself, was over 60 years old and remarried with a pastor of a rural church and was living a new life, and was also helping Kim Hyeon-sook’s child-raising. Even though I am not my real daughter, I was greatly moved for helping me in the difficult situation of divorce.”

Meanwhile, Kim Su-mi said without hesitation, “Let’s make a video call with her mother,” and Kim Hyeon-sook was surprised, saying, “Suddenly?” However, when Kim Hyeon-sook’s mother appeared on the screen of the mobile phone, the video call was finally completed. Kim Soo-mi, who took over the mobile phone, said, “I’m sorry for calling you suddenly,” and made another ‘surprising proposal’ to Kim Hyeon-sook’s mother, surprising everyone with a unique, full-fledged appearance.

Even during a sudden video call, Kim Hyeon-sook’s mother greeted Kim Su-mi, saying, “I really respect you,” and made a laugh as if it were in the script. However, the moment she looked at her mother’s face, Kim Hyeon-sook, who was energetic, poured out tears, as if feeling overwhelmed, and her mother, who was smiling, wiped her tears together.

The ‘Surprise Proposal’ that Kim Su-mi threw to Kim Hyeon-sook’s mother will be revealed at 10:40 pm on the 18th at 10:40 pm in the healing hand-tasting entertainment ‘Sumi Lodge’ broadcast on SKY and KBS2.


Photo courtesy of SKY, KBS

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