Super Junior Kyuhyun makes fun of his members… “Oh My God” in Leeteuk of the top

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Super Junior Kyuhyun teased the members while watching past videos with elementary school students.

On the 17th, on the YouTube channel ODG, a video titled ‘Oh, this is a little…’ Children reviewing Super Junior’s careers’ video was posted. In the video, Super Junior members Kyu-hyun, Ryeo-wook, and Ye-seong appeared and looked back on past activities with the children.

When Kyuhyun asked a child, “What do you think (I) do?”, the child replied “entertainment.” Therefore, Kyuhyun carefully said, “I’m actually an idol.”

When the child asked how many members he had, Kyuhyun replied, “I started with 13 and now there are 9 people.” When the child asked the reason, Kyuhyun confused and said, “It’s complicated,” he said less.

Kyuhyun, who was watching the stage video of ‘Miracle’ released in 2005, looked at Eunhyuk’s head in the video and said, “Look at his person’s head,” he shouted to the child and said, “I have to see this for a minute.” The child said, “It looks like a baboon (head),” and Kyuhyun said, “A baboon?” with joy.

A child who was watching the stage video of ‘Bonamana’ released in 2010, when he saw the exposure of Leeteuk’s statue, exclaimed “Hull”. Kyuhyun said, “How is this exposed person? “Look at this person.”

The child said, “Can I say this? (A little) it’s wierd,” he replied. When Kyuhyun said, “I say it’s dirty,” the child said, “(That was too) serious.”

Afterwards, when the child asked, “Is this person Ryeowook?”, Kyuhyun answered, “Don’t care,” or looked at Choi Si-won and made fun of Super Junior members, such as “looks like 40 years old”, making netizens laugh.

Meanwhile, Super Junior released their 10th regular album ‘The Renaissance’ on the 16th and made a comeback.

Photo| YouTube channel’ODG’ capture
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