‘Danguntsu’ Gal So-won transforms into the youngest Samshin Grandma… Unexpected hairstyle

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The TVing original “I’m Using Your Destiny” Gal So-won is a young Samshin grandmother with cute charisma, her transformation and her all-weather performance.

On the 26th at 4 p.m., the new original “I am writing your destiny” (directed by Kim Byung-soo/played by Eun Sun-woo/creator Kim Eun-sook/produced Hua Andampictures, Studio Dragon/hereinafter “Dang Un-su”) is writing a drama to complete romance of the century.

Gal So-won plays the role of Young Samshin Grandmother, who is both cute and charismatic in “I am writing your destiny”. In the play, she is the youngest Samshin to break the prejudice of “Samshin = Grandmother,” and is the person who keeps the child and makes the list for their fate to be used with the best effort.

In this regard, a still picture of Gal So-won transforming into a mysterious ash-colored bobbed hair has been released, drawing keen attention. Gal So-won plays the role of Samshin, and creates a chemistry by protecting Chilseongdang with Shin Ho-yoon and Myung (Park Sang-nam). In particular, he is young, but she is said to show off her cute charisma that can hold down the gods, which stimulates curiosity. In the drama, Samshin holds a hot dog with both hands and stares at someone with determined eyes, and looks at someone with a worried look. On the other hand, she is charismatic in expressing his anger with a firm expression. Various images of the three gods are shown, raising expectations for the main film.

In the meantime, Gal So-won, who is expanding his own acting spectrum with colorful works such as “Gift in Room 7, “Hwa Yu-gi” and “Mr. Joo: Missing VIP,” is drawing attention to the Samshin character who will express even small details with careful acting.

Gal So-won will make a special appearance on tvN’s “Comedy Big League,” which will air on the 21st (Sunday), in the form of a three-body in “Dangwoon’s.” In the drama, he/she will appear in the “Shockingdam” section with Samshin’s hairstyle and costume, and will shoot viewers’ navel with his/her excellent acting skills and hidden entertainment skills.

The production team of “I am writing your destiny” said, “Gal So-won always played the role of “Fresh Vitamin” in the field, not only by performing hard every time based on his acting skills since childhood.” Please look forward to “Dangwoon’s” where you can see Gal So-won’s new charm.

On the other hand, the original TVing “I’m Writing Your Destiny” is the first collaboration between Kim Byung-soo and My Princess, and Kim Eun-sook is the creator and Hwa Andampictures, creating a new fantasy romance that has never been seen before. The entire film will be released exclusively on March 26 at 4 p.m. on TV.



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