‘I Can See Your Voice 8’ Super Junior sortie… ‘Amazed’ at the identity of a mystery singer

Screen capture of’I can see your voice 8’broadcast. Provided|Mnet

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group SUPER JUNIOR appears in ‘I Can See Your Voice 8’ and confronts mystery singers.

Global idol Super Junior will appear in the 8th episode of Mnet’s ‘I Can See Your Voice 8’, which airs on the 19th.

Super Junior, who recently showed off his comeback and health with his 10th regular album ‘The Renaissance’, proudly declared a war against terrible singers, including MC Leeteuk.

Lee-teuk asked if he could feel his vacancy as an MC, but he seemed to be contemplating the answer of MC Yoo Se-yoon, saying, “It’s not at all.” However, Lee-teuk’s MC instinct, which does not stop soon, was revealed from time to time, and the struggles of the members trying to stop it cause laughter. Shind-ong’s witty appearance aiming for the MC position is also an expectation point.

Unlike Dong-hae, who confidently shouted that he had caught the pitch, the members and other members of poor singers search team couldn’t hide their surprise at the appearance of the mystery singer and shouted, raising questions about the outcome of Super Junior’s reasoning. The broadcast is at 7:20 pm on the 19th.


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