Kakao Entertainment Holds Friends Audition Online… Applicable from the age of 14

Kakao Entertainment integrated audition poster. Provided|Kakao Entertainment

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kakao Entertainment Audition, Korea’s largest integrated star audition, will be held online.

Kakao Entertainment said on the 19th, “We will hold the 2021 Kakao Entertainment Friends Audition, where Kakao Entertainment and its subsidiary labels will be together from the 19th to the 28th.”

The audition, which has been considered a famous star among aspiring stars, has been held under the name of “Kakao M Friends Audition,” and has recently been held under a new name “Kakao Entertainment Friends Audition” due to the recent merger of Kakao M and Kakao Page.

Auditions have so far received explosive responses, with 29,000 cumulative applicants.

Kakao Entertainment, which stands out as a large comprehensive entertainment company, has a large number of agencies with leading popular artists such as singers and actors under its own label.

An official from Kakao Entertainment said, “Thanks to the high heat, many aspiring and talented next-generation stars have made their debut or been selected as exclusive artists and trainees for Kakao Entertainment and its subsidiary labels.”

The grand prize for the 2021 Kakao Entertainment Friends Audition is 2008 (age 14) who wants to be a star such as a singer. Born later 2003 and who are 19 years old or younger, anyone can apply without restriction on gender and nationality.

In the field of application, vocal and rap, dance, acting, model, singer-songwriter, etc., you can show off your talents in various ways. Due to the influence of Corona 19, major schedules such as support and the first audition will be held online.


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