‘Penthouse 2’ Best 4 Shock Shocking Ending

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The legendary ending of “Penthouse 2” was chosen.

SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Penthouse 2” (played by Kim Soon-ok, directed by Joo Dong-min, and produced by Green Snake Media) is a revenge drama held at No. 1 house price and No. 1 education due to distorted desires that cannot be filled. It depicts the solidarity and revenge of women who had no choice but to become evil women to protect their children.

Above all, “Penthouse 2,” which is hitting the hearts of viewers on Friday and Saturday at a sensational pace, is on the rise as it ranks first in various categories, including highest ratings, topic, and clip VOD views, among all programs aired last week. In particular, the ending, which raises the heart rate vertically, is sparking questions about the next story, sparking a wait for Friday. In this regard, it summarized four “pause ending” that made the next episode inevitable with thrilling twists and extreme creeps.

◆ Pause 1 – Episode 5 “You’re wrong, my BAE!”

In the fifth episode, Ha Eun-byul (Choi Ye-bin) fell to the stone stairs and the ending of Oh Yoon-hee (Yoo Jin) and Chun Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) 25 years ago was depicted, shocking the home theater. Ha Eun-byeol, who saw his mother Chun Seo-jin’s hallucination to “win by killing” along with intense jealousy of Bae Ro-na, took out the trophy from the showcase and threatened Barona, who was running away, and fell after being hit by a trophy by Ha Eun-byul. In the last 8th episode, however, Joo Dan-tae (Eom Ki-jun) hurriedly wiped his bloody hand in the bathroom and changed his clothes, and the “Bae Ro-na murder” was again in the mystery after the fire alarm was revealed. What the truth of the day will be is intriguing in future stories.

◆ Pause ending No. 2 – 6th episode, “Long time no see, Joo Dan-tae?” Na Aegyo appearance ending.

Shim Soo-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah), who was killed by Joo Dan-tae in season 1, caused a breathtaking tension as the ending of her appearance in the penthouse was included. In the seventh episode, the character was found to be Na Ae-gyo, the main character of the butterfly tattoo girl, the biological mother of Joo Seok-hoon (played by Kim Young-dae) and Kim Joo-kyung (played by Han Ji-hyun), causing a reversal. Na Ae-gyo, however, drew attention by impressing viewers with her free-spirited, outspoken and easy-going personality, contrary to Shim Soo-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah), who had a gentle personality.

◆ Pause ending No. 3 – Episode 7 “Too much alike too much. Oh Yoon-hee, you’re going to end the surprise ending.

In the seventh episode, Oh Yoon-hee (Yu-jin), who escaped to the parking lot through a secret passage in Joo Dan-tae’s study, found Na Ae-gyo and scared the viewers. Earlier, Oh Yoon-hee was told by Logan Lee (Park Eun-seok) to find Na Ae-gyo and received a picture of Na Ae-gyo with the same appearance as Shim Soo-ryeon. As Na Ae-gyo is a person who holds all the secrets of Joo Dan-tae, attention is being paid to whether it can be Oh Yoon-hee and Logan Lee’s hope or whether it will be a trap that will drive them into another crisis.

◆ Pause ending No. 4 – Episode 8 “Wake up, act cute!” Dramatic escape ending

As Oh Yoon-hee and Logan-ri dramatically rescued Na Ae-gyo, who was strangled by Joo Dan-tae, the small screen was dyed with electricity. Ju Dan-tae pointed a gun at his head, doubting Na Ae-gyo, who tried to betray him two years ago, and after a physical fight, the gun was fired to the ceiling. Joo Dan-tae, who was then hit by a fallen light, rushed to Na Ae-gyo and strangled her as her trauma revived when her face and hands were covered in blood. At that moment, Logan Lee appeared, struck Joo Dan-tae on the head, saved Na Ae-gyo, and escaped dramatically with Oh Yoon-hee, who was waiting outside. Moreover, in the 9th preview after the ending of “The Dramatic Escape,” Logan Lee’s earnest cry, “It must be you!” and Na Ae-gyo’s shaky eyes were included, stirring viewers’ hearts. Expectations are rising for broadcasting whether questions about Na Ae-gyo, who has so far triggered viewers’ reasoning power with suspicious looks, can be solved.

The production team said, “There will be a surprising story waiting for the remaining five episodes,” adding, “In addition, there will be a series of unexpected twists and unexpected developments in the 9th (today) and 10th (20th). Please make sure to check it out on the main show.

Meanwhile, ‘Penthouse 2’ airs at 10 p.m. today (19th).


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