‘Yoon Stay’ Yoon Yeo-jung praised “Park Seo-jun looks like a professional chief”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Yoon Stay’ Employees preparing for the final and final sales of the 2nd day of winter business will be revealed.

On the 19th broadcast of tvN ‘Yoon Stay’ (directors Na Young-seok and Kim Se-hee), the tenth page of employees who breathe well even if they don’t speak will be opened.

On this day’s broadcast, the stories of the members who have reached the end of the 2nd day of winter business are drawn. Last week, the dinner business of all-time difficulty tailored to customers of various diets was completed safely, and the time of the ‘Yoon Stay’ employees eating late dinners is contained. The episode of the members who entered the new word quiz after dinner gave a laugh. Of course, in an increasingly overheating atmosphere, it arouses the curiosity that he found an unexpected new word hole.

Allergies, vegetarians, etc., guests’ checklists are checked once again, and a more specially prepared breakfast for them follows. From rice cake dumpling soup with vegetarian dumplings to seaweed soup with clams simmered to congratulate guests on their birthday at ‘Yoon Stay’, the efforts of the staff who have repeatedly added delicate sincerity until the last minute are expected to be warm.

In addition, the employees who are about to close their business two days before the end of the business are preparing for the last business. From shaving thick winter blankets to checking the quantity of amenities, room setting, etc., she takes care of everything she touches, and is more motivated than ever.

In particular, the back door of chef Jung Yu-mi’s declaration of war overturned the kitchen ahead of the last opening. At the same time as the comeback of Tteok-galbi master Park Seo-jun, attention is also drawn to the popular Tteok-galbi, which was re-established.

Yoon Yeo-jeong, who watched this, said, “Seo-jun has a chef force,” and praised her, and expectations are gathered at the last meal menu of ‘Yoon Stay’ including Tteok-galbi.

tvN ‘Yoon Stay’ airs every Friday at 9 PM.


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