‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’ Ha Dong-gyun X So-You #New song #Lee Hyo-ri #Dating #Diet (Total)

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ingers Ha Dong-kyun and So-you appeared in “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time” and captivated listeners with various episodes.

Singer Ha Dong-kyun and So-you appeared as guests on SBS Power FM ‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’, which aired on the 19th.

DJ Choi Hwa-jung said, “Ha Dong-kyun appeared on ‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’ last October and So-you appeared on the Radio show last August.”

In response, Ha Dong-kyun said, “It will be on ‘Choi Hw-jung’s Power Time’ in 10 months. It’s good to see you whenever you come. “I hope you have a good time,” So-you said tactfully, “I came out as a strong sister in August last year, but this time I came back as a soft sister.”

Choi Hwa-jung asked the two, “Do you have any friends?” So-you mentioned Mnet’s entertainment program “The Call 2,” which ended in September 2019, and said, “We did the program together. We were not on the same team, but we met often.”

Choi Hwa-jung said, “When you brush your teeth or practice together, you can measure your personality. Was there any difference in this respect?”

Ha Dong-kyun said, “This is exactly what I saw on the show. He’s full of energy.

So-you said, “Ha Dong-kyun laughs in a strange place than I thought. I burst into laughter while staying still, and I think, ‘Where is it’ I thought it was a bit different. At first, I thought you wouldn’t talk at all, but you asked me questions,” she said honestly, drawing laughter.

Ha Dong-kyun released his new digital single “Here I Am” on the 5th. It is the first new song in about 10 months since the single “STAR DUST” released in May last year.

Ha Dong-kyun said, “I’ve worked a lot since then, but as Covid-19 gets worse, the words It’s okay, Try it,” and “You’re on your side and I’m on your side,” help me. “I put that in the lyrics,” he said. “The part I cared about the most is the title of ‘Hear I M.’

Choi Hwa-jung asked Ha Dong-kyun, “Do you have an online fan meeting?” Ha Dong-kyun said, “I tried un-attacked twice, and it was so awkward and bothered me. I don’t know what to do. “I heard about the transmission, but it feels different from what I thought.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done ‘Ingigayo’ and it felt like I was doing ‘Ingigayo’. I felt so awkward myself. But I think I should get used to it.

One listener sent a message to Ha Dong-kyun, saying, “How do you feel before your 20th year of debut?”

Ha Dong-kyun said, “I think it will be the same,” adding, “When I finish my 20s and turn 30s, when I finish my 30s and turn 40s, I think there will be a lot of things and a lot of plans, but it’s just the next day.” I think I’ll be doing this even if it’s my 20th year since my debut.”

So-you wrote the new single “Good Night” on the 11th, in which Lee Hyo-ri and Babylon wrote and composed the song, respectively. “Good Night My Love” has been released.

Choi Hwa-jung asked So-you, “Did you get acquainted with Lee Hyo-ri?” Soyou said, “In fact, I didn’t have a personal relationship before that, but he asked me for my contact number first through SNS.” They sent me a song, so I heard that it would be nice if you could sing a song like this during these tough times. I am not good at writing love stories when I write lyrics, but I loved the lyrics of “Good night my love.”

Choi Hwa-jung, who was listening to this, said, “Lee Hyo-ri praised Soyou for her beautiful voice.” Soyou laughed, “I like the compliments I get from the public, but I really like the compliments I get from my respected seniors.”

When asked whether they are uniquely good at singing, the two responded humbly, “No.” When Choi Hwa-jung said, “I think there will be a burden that I can’t empty my heart,” Ha Dong-kyun said, “I think all the people who sing will be the same.” I have a compulsion not to make mistakes.

When asked, “When did you feel that you were good at singing?” So-you said, “I found out that my voice was unique when I was in the third grade of elementary school. My teacher told me to sing with a husky voice. “When I was young, I felt that windowing was difficult, and I only thought of ballads and dance songs because I wanted to be a singer.” “If I had learned it at that time, it could have been a good instrument.”

Ha Dong-kyun cited huskyness as the advantage of his voice, saying, “What I think is that huskyness is hard for Asians to have.” So I think it goes well with all the music.

So-you also complained about her difficulties. “When I sing a song, I get feedback from outside the recording booth that it seems a little loud,” he said. “So when I sang this new song, I tried to sing falsetto but low-pitched.”

A listener who listened to Ha Dong-kyun’s song sent a message saying, “I think Ha Dong-kyun wants to be in a relationship.” “I want to date, but it’s not easy,” Ha said. “There are no people,” he said. “I hope everyone who listens to ‘Choi Fatah’ feels lonely.”

Another listener said to So-you, “I saw it on SNS and your abs were perfect. How do I maintain my abs?” he said.

So-you said, “I think you’re mistaken. I’ve been increasing these days.
I had to shoot a commercial for Pepsi with IZ*ONE friends, so I lost a lot and gained more than 62 kilograms. “It’s been four weeks since I started dieting. I’m tired.” “Cheer up, everyone. Dieting is a tough thing to do,” she said in a cheering message.

Ha Dong-kyun’s new song “Hear I M” is a song that gives strength to everyone who is tired of Corona 19, and contains comfort not only for fans but also for Ha Dong-kyun himself. So-you’s new song, “Good night my love,” is a song that highlights the artist’s unique tone, emotion, and lyrics that convey warm comfort during hard times.


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