‘Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip’ PDvs99s Na Yeong-seok

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN ‘Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip’ (directed by Shin Hyo-Jung, Ha Moo-Sung) goes on a hunt for laughter with 99’s of ‘Sleek Camping Life’ and ‘Cry in the Silence’.

The second episode on the 19th presents a big smile as a great replacement challenge for the 99’s ‘Cry in the Silence’. ‘Cry in Silence’ is a speed quiz wearing headphones with loud music, and it is a best-selling game that the cast of tvN ‘New Journey to the West’ also struggle. The back statement that the 99s, who had been begging for ‘New Journey to the West’, first commissioned this game to PD Na Young-seok. Expectations are growing at the members who burst into laughter in the published stills.

The excitement is also brief, and the despair episode of ‘Cry in the Silence’ by Yoo Yeon-seok  and Jeong Kyung-ho, who went on as the first hitters, visits the viewers. Yoo Yeon-seok explains the problem by using both the actor-like facial acting and polished vocalization, and gives a big laughter with a condensed five fever. Accordingly, Jung Kyung-ho is going to make a laugh with an active appearance, saying, “I can only hear ‘Jin’.” Na PD and the 99’s unstoppable laughter parade can be seen on today’s broadcast.

tvN ‘Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip’ airs every Friday at 10:40 pm. After the broadcast, the full version will be released on YouTube ‘Channel 15 Nights’.



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