Space Cowboy took off his trademark mask

Space Cowboy. Provided|Space Sound

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Producer Space Cowboy, who has participated in albums such as Lovelyz, GFriend, Suzy, and Uhm Jung-hwa, takes off his trademark mask and begins his activities.

Space Cowboy will release a new song ‘After Life’ (feat. Woo-hyo) on the 22nd. Space Cowboy and Woo-hyo, a representative synth-pop musician in our popular music industry, are raising the expectations of music fans, and this time, Space Cowboy takes off his mask and announces his activities and draws attention.

Space Cowboy started wearing a mask right after the release of his 2009 debut album (Zero Gravity), and hasn’t taken off his mask in an official position for more than 10 years until now. Even when she appeared on Mnet ‘Birth of Song’ and MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’, her unique visual wearing a mask made it a hot topic.

The agency Space Sound said, “I put on a mask to play music without being conscious of people’s eyes and mouth, and I decided to take off the mask because I was convinced that I would no longer need to do that.” I didn’t.”

Space Cowboy. Provided|Space Sound

Space Cowboy debuted in 2009 and formed one piece, a producing team with Yoon Sang from 2014, starting with Lovelyz’s debut album ‘Girls’ Invasion’, and the albums of top Korean singers such as Suzy, Uhm Jung-hwa, GFriend, and Ha Sung-woon. I was in charge of composing and producing.

Through his solo activities, he received full support from enthusiasts for his elaborate and intense electronic music, and participated as a composer and producer in’I can’t let go’ of a musician who is evaluated as a song that led the domestic Newtro craze, and ‘Seon’ of singer Kim A-reum. It has also acquired a new modifier called ‘Newtro Sound Master’.

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