‘Anyway, go to work!’ The day of the executive director of the long-supplied bakery in Seoul

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Anyway, go to work!’, the day of Shin Kyung-cheol, executive director of a 76-year-old bakery, is unveiled.

In MBC’s entertainment program ‘Anyway, go to work!’ (directed Jung Da-hee, Jung Gyu-woon), broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 23rd, Shin Kyung-cheol, the executive director of a bakery with a 76-year tradition, is constantly striving to make bread that continues the times. Drawn.

Shin Kyung-cheol comes to work with a treasure trove of determination and starts working after receiving a sales report. After checking the status meticulously, he keeps on sales meetings and marketing meetings to handle a non-stop schedule. At the same time, he says to his employees, “Think about more profits!” It is expected to catch the eye with a look that everyone would relate to.

Then, responding to the employee’s SOS request, showing the skillful handwork of 10 years of packaging. It is said that you can get a glimpse of the practitioner and pride at the fingertips of folding the wrapping paper with a knife angle or finishing it off. In addition, “Our company does not have a retirement age” and introduces the heads of the bakery, ice cream, and jeonbyeong divisions who have a half-hundred-year experience.

On the other hand, Shin Kyung-cheol prepares employee bonuses and presents a cash flex. He says he puts not only money, but also other secret weapons that can increase his love, to complete the bonus envelope for 88 people. The curiosity about the main broadcast is rising as to what his secret is to fill the employees’ motivation to go to work.

Bread manager Shin Kyung-cheol’s workplace filled with uncooling passion can be seen in MBC’s entertainment program ‘Anyway, go to work!’, which airs at 9:20 pm on the 23rd.


Photo courtesy| MBC
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