Big Hit today (22nd) Yongsan new office building relocated… Hybe era begins

Hive new office building. Provided|Big Hit Entertainment

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Big Hit Entertainment (Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, hereinafter referred to as Big Hit) enters the ‘Hybe Era’ in a new office building.

Big Hit will relocate its office to the ‘Yongsan Trade Center’ located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 22nd. In the new office building with 19 floors above ground and 7 floors below the ground, and a total area of about 60,000 square meters, over 1,000 employees from affiliates, including Big Hit’s multi-labels, will move in and work. The interior is largely composed of three sections, including special entertainment facilities including a music studio and filming studio, an office space, and a public welfare space, and a museum space open to the public is also provided in the basement.

The new office building was designed to embody a new culture with Big Hit’s intention to announce a new start by declaring the change of company name to ‘Hybe’ on the 19th. With the concept of ‘Hyper Nomad’, it is more efficient as a company that realizes the value of Hive, which symbolizes the connection, expansion, and relationship of all members, while creating new values and expanding labels, solutions, and platforms along the axis. It is structured to bring out a culture of working with people.

Hybe new office building office space. Provided|Big Hit Entertainment

Accordingly, Shin Si-ok becomes a space where members voluntarily gather, rather than a ‘space in which people are gathered’ according to the space. Basically, it pursues a ‘mobile office’ in which all spaces are open, and an autonomous seating system was introduced that allows you to work at the desired seat through its own app. Another difference is that it is an office whose space changes according to the members and work. The size of the work space can be changed with the ‘mobile rack’ that moves lightly, and the work/meeting space can be freely changed and used according to the number of participants and purpose.

Welfare spaces for members were also prepared in various places. The office space was grouped into three floors, and internal stairs were installed to make it convenient to move between floors, and in the space where floors and floors meet through the stairs, a library, lounge, and fitness center were created for members to refresh and communicate freely.

On the top floor of the building, an auditorium, a café, and an external garden were built for flexible thinking and communication. The outdoor garden planted with 200 birch trees was named ‘Comb’, meaning that it allows you to clean up your tired mind and thoughts, and the cafe is an original office in collaboration with the specialty coffee brand ‘Futz’.

Min Hee-jin, who oversees the branding of the new office building, said, “Space creates attitude, attitude creates value and culture.” We believe that culture will soon be able to create new corporate values.”

Hybe new office building meeting room. Provided|Big Hit Entertainment

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