‘I’m writing your destiny’ Jeon Soni “I wanted to do a pleasing work in the COVID-19 era”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Jeon Soni revealed the reason for appearing in ‘I’m writing your destiny’.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, the production presentation of TVing’s original drama ‘I’m writing your destiny’ was held. Due to the COVID-19, this event was broadcast live online.

“In the era of COVID-19, I had an idea that I wanted to do a pleasant work. I thought the setting of the drama was fun. The god who writes destiny does not know much about love, so it is fun and empathy that it does not work when the god who writes destiny does not know much about love, so it is fun and it does not work. I thought I could.”

Jeon Soni took on the role of Goh Che-kyung, a writer who never publicly appear in the drama world.

‘I’m writing your destiny’ plagiarized the study of ‘writer’ Goh Che-kyung(Jeon Soni) who writes a drama in order to complete the romance of the century by ‘God’ Shin Ho-yoon, who writes human destiny. The drama of ‘Fate Records Fantasy Romance’ takes place. The interesting story of the meeting between humans and God is drawing attention.

‘I’m writing your destiny’ is directed by Kim Byung-soo, who is one of the leading artisans of the fantasy romance genre, such as ‘The Man of Queen In-Hyeon’ and ‘Nine: Nine Times Travel’, and Eun Sun-woo, who delicately touched the emotions of characters with fresh materials in ‘My Princess’. The artist made the first breath. Here, writer Kim Eun-sook participates as a creator, and Hwa & Dam Pictures foretells a well-made drama of ‘The Crew Who Trusts and Watches’ produced by Hwa & Dam Pictures.

TVing original ‘I’m writing your destiny’ will be released exclusively at TVing on the 26th at 4 PM.



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